How a Business Can Benefit from a Fan Page on Facebook

There was a time when the typical business owner longed for a means of learning about the individuals in and the demographics of what has now been designated as a business’ fan base. Today, that same information is fairly easy to obtain. It has been made available to any enterprise that has chosen to have a fan page on Facebook. By gaining ready-access to such information, the head of a money-making venture can do a better job of targeting that group of fans.

That particular Facebook page can aid several other aspects of a business as well. For example, it helps to increase the level of customers’ loyalty. When an enterprise has loyal customers, their loyalty can translate into more sales. That is because it can motivate creation of some word-of-mouth marketing.

A viewer of fan-oriented pages has more contact with a given business. Hence, he or she gains a better understanding of that money-making operation. In fact, he or she might learn about an award that was given to that same company. After learning of that award, the impressed fan-page viewer might be more inclined to buy something from the company that has recently become an award-recipient.

A fan page’s information can also include details on an application. That encourages use of that application. Often the person who uses that app can make a purchase any time of the day or night. That enhances the Internet’s ability to allow for the making of sales on a 24/7 basis.

Moreover, the same page’s content can highlight the availability of opt-ins, sign-ups or subscriptions. Each of those can serve as a call-to-action. Experts in online businesses know that a call-to-action has been pointed-to as an effective way of going-after more sales.

When the right sort of material has been presented to fans, there is a chance that it might get retweeted. Alternatively, some posted statement might get quoted. Then that quote might appear on a social medial network. Anything that can get the users of a social media network to view a business in a positive manner can aid the making of sales.

Finally, any posted material can be updated. When fans see that a company makes a point of updating posted content, they make certain inferences. They tend to infer a commitment to consistency and quality. Whenever consumers make such an inference, their opinions could be a great benefit to some company. Their opinions could push them to make one or more purchases.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

How the United States Government Responds to Drip Pricing

In May of 2012, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) held a conference, one that focused on the practice known as drip pricing. If an industry has adopted that practice, then the companies within that industry advertise only a part of the cost for any product or service. Then, as customers proceed with the buying process, the additional costs are revealed. Often the customer does not enjoy the option of dispensing with the added cost; it can be a mandatory fee.

Prior to May of 2012, the U.S. government had dealt with drip pricing on a couple different occasions. For a time, airlines introduced a “fuel surcharge” to each ticket price, in order to compensate for the high cost of fuel. However, the airline did not mention that surcharge in their promotions and displays, until forced to do so by the FTC.

In the final decade of the 20th Century, one attorney in Florida questioned the legality of the port fees charged by cruise ships. He suspected that such fees covered more than the dockage costs. In fact, he was correct; his investigation showed that the fee was being used as a way to force customers to cover the lines’ operating expenses for fuel, fresh water and even for wages. The attorney’s discovered forced six of the companies that launch cruising ships from Florida to discontinue their unfair pricing practices.

The FTC conference was held during a time when many travelers were complaining about resort fees. Because no resort had been told to discontinue that fee, some of the less luxurious hotels had chosen to use them. One writer in Los Angeles even used his skill with words to document a time when he had to pay an extra $5.00 to a motel in Anaheim, after spending the night in a $33.00 room. 

Apparently, that writer was lucky, because he was forced to pay only an added $5.00. According to some experts on travel, the added cost can be much steeper. The Chairman of the Business Travel Coalition, the executive director of the Consumer Travel Alliance  and another gentleman, a respected consumer advocate, all got together and composed a letter to the FTC. In their letter those men said that a hotel fee could add as much as $30.00 to the advertised rate for a room.

The FTC responded with a form letter, one in which the Commission indicated that it would take action if it noted that a pattern of violations developing. It did not take the Commission long to note the presence of such violations. Less than four months after sending out that form letter, the FTC issued a warning to 22 hotels. That warning made it clear that the practice of hitting guests with an ancillary charge represented an attempt to act in an illegal fashion.

Still, the men who wrote that initial letter are wondering if a simple warning will be enough. A group at New York University looked into the amount of money that the hotel industry could make by using the ancillary charges. That group discovered that the use of such charges could allow the hotel/motel industry to make as much as $2 billon more dollars each year. Such figures suggest that the FTC’s warning may not be sufficient, if the Commission really wants to free travelers from concerns about possible drip pricing.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

The Orchestration of Brand Touch Points

A consumer is apt to hear about a particular brand from more than one media source. During the course of a single day, consumers get hit with televised, published, posted and broadcast messages. A lack of consistency in a brand’s message can cause a potential customer to become a bit confused. That is why the approach that is known as integrated marketing focuses on the orchestration of brand touch points.

If a brand’s message has been presented well, then those hit or touched by that presentation will have the desired response. Sometimes, the touching is really a pulling. The consumer’s mind is pulled into another realm. That is what happens when some product evokes memories of some item that a consumer once enjoyed, when he or she was much younger.

Yet products that offer a taste of nostalgia are not the only ones that can pull the mind into another realm. Some men and women long for a way to escape from a fast-paced life, even if it is only briefly. Those same hard-working males and females are apt to pay attention to an ad about a spa or a resort.
At other times an advertisement might strengthen some consumer’s desire. For instance, most people want to stay healthy. A marketing message for a product that promises to ensure the health of those who use it will have hit the right touch point, if it is sufficiently convincing. It must be able to convince a series of potential customers that the promoted brand/product can enhance their well-being.

Possession of good health can improve a person’s outlook. Yet there are other products that can improve lives on a day-to-day basis. That is another fact that might be underscored by an effective touch point. The touched region might, for example, be in the mind of one potential customer, a person who cares deeply about ensuring the sustainability of the environment.

A final group of noteworthy points, those that can be touched in order to make a sale, relate to technological products. Each of those items seems to transform the impossible into a widely-accepted reality. A good marketer can highlight the innovative nature of that technologically-advanced item.

A marketer’s words can influence consumers’ thinking in a number of different ways. However, those differences should be exhibited in reactions to advertisements for different brands. Advertisements that seek to promote the same brand ought to elicit a consistent reaction, among the consumers who see, hear or read those same advertised messages. Each ad should enhance the effectiveness of an effort at integrated marketing.  

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Every Marketer Carries-Out a Balancing Act

Back in the early 1900’s, there were no radios and no televisions. If there had been media of that sort, then the televised and broadcast ads would have needed to arrive at some type of balance. At that point in time, some men advocated for support of disestablishmentarianism; others spoke-out in support of antidisestablishmentarianism. Members of the former group favored the establishment of a state religion; those in the latter group were opposed to such an action.

Changes in the general outlook of society often force a marketer to strive for striking a balance. Marketers can never be sure how the public will react to any one advertisement. That fact becomes quite obvious each year, as the ads for the Super Bowl are revealed.

Sometimes a marketer’s approach seems to be that of ignoring certain consumers. That is certainly what happened in 2000, the first year when a large number of Super Bowl ads showcased the existence of certain websites. At that time, some of the older football fans did not fully understand what a website was; they had never used a computer, at least not one that could be used to access the Internet.

In that instance, the website owners did not miss-out on a large number of visitors, due to the fact that some consumers remained “in-the-dark,” regarding the nature of the advertised product. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, a marketer’s attempt to reach-out to one segment of the population can offend another segment.

For example, as the era of the 1960’s was nearing its mid-point, one group of marketing experts suggested a changed approach for one department store chain in the Philadelphia area. Consequently, that chain ran ad in which a cute African American girl was wearing a girl’s dress. One woman who saw that had loved the dress, and planned to buy two (one for each daughter).

However, when she started calling the stores, she discovered that not all of them had stocked the advertised item. She understood that some stores had refused to stock it. Perhaps that refusal reflected the thinking of a majority of the store’s customers. At any rate, that action highlighted the extent to which all marketers have to tread carefully.

Today, a marketer’s use of Photoshop can invite controversy. That fact became apparent as the first decade of the 21st Century had almost come to a close. At that time, some doll-maker posted an advertisement in which a House of Worship was placed behind an advertised doll. Some of the members of one Faith group objected to the use of that worship site. More than one hundred years after the fight about establishing a state religion, marketing professionals still had to perform a careful balancing act.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

How a Company Can Initiate an Effective Change

Even before the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, advances in technology had affected society in a noteworthy fashion. The invention of the printing press allowed books to be enjoyed by a larger number of men and women. Invention of the steam engine made it easier for people to get from one location to another.

Gradually, businesses began to change. Still, even tiny shop owners did not elect to cut-back on the number of their employees. In fact, businesses tended to go-after more and more workers, even very young ones. That approach contrasts sharply with the approach that many companies have chosen to take at the present time.

The altered approach has not resulted from a lack of technological advances. Those seem to be introduced with an amazing rapidity. Sometimes their introduction can lead to a bit of disruption within the affected enterprise. Faced with such disruption, a company might consider some serious changes.

At that point, those in head of the disrupted enterprise usually look for the components that can be changed with relative ease. Those would be components such as information technology, strategic architectures and the nature of the business process. Unfortunately, alterations to any of those components can affect employees, without allowing them to offer any input, regarding the planned alterations.

Too often, the proposed change involves a downsizing of whatever operation is going to be altered. Once a company has elected to downsize, its remaining employees experience a feeling of job insecurity. Yet those less secure workers are forced to do more, because each of them must take-on some of the workload that had been carried by the now-absent employees.

Consequently, the downsized company does not operate in an effective manner. It has failed to direct changes in an effective fashion. The degree to which that altered company has become ineffective can be seen in the level of uncertainty that it experiences.

That fact should not be seen as an indication that changing things is foolish. An executive or manager who has made that inference no doubt dreads the thought of any alteration. However, as technology advances, businesses are forced to change.

 Yet that forced process must be carried-out in a smart and thoughtful fashion. It ought to call-for employment of a strategy that welcomes a fair amount of input from the affected workers. That is why a company-wide alteration is better than an effort to initiate piecemeal changes.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Reasons for Using Inflatable Signs

Most people think of a sign as being a flat object, one that carries a message. However, a sign can also be curved and colorful, like a balloon. There are a number of reasons why a business might want to think seriously about using inflatable signs.

Such signage does a better job of catching the eyes of a consumer.  Often a balloon-like promotional item allows drivers on a highway to become aware of the fact that a certain business lies within minutes of the main roadway. When a driver realizes that he or she can benefit by adding just a few extra minutes to some planned journey, then that same man or woman is more likely to head towards the colorful signage. Ultimately, that well-placed item could aid the making of a string of sales.

In addition, a well-placed advertisement can strengthen a consumer’s perception of a given brand. Marketers are constantly seeking to increase the public’s awareness of their marketed brand. It serves as a reliable measure of the chances that some potential customer could become a buyer.

Moreover, an inflatable sign tends to leave a lasting impression. Usually, the sign’s message becomes part of that recalled impression. Unlike a humorous TV ad, it does not allow the memory to recall only a part of what appeared on the small silver screen. That is especially true, when an inflatable has been used along a highway. Travelers that pass a balloon-like object often welcome the break from the rather dull scenery; thus, they tend to remember the details of that welcome sight.

A final reason for using inflatable signage relates the increasing emphasis on sustainability. A business that has invested in an inflatable object has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability. It is using an advertising tool that can be deflated and stored-away. Once it has been placed in storage, that deflated advertising tool does not take-up a great deal of space. Furthermore, it has not been created from a lot of expensive materials.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Types of Inflatable Items Made Available to Businesses

An inflatable promotional item can be either large or small; moreover, it can take-on almost any shape. That detail underscores the fact that any business enjoys access to a wide variety of deflated items, items that can easily be filled with air. That simple act transforms the once-deflated object into a useful advertising or promotional tool.

Sometimes such tools resemble the appearance of whatever product a company is trying to market. Those balloon-like replications can prove quite useful. The consumer who sees such an object does not have any questions, regarding the exact nature of the replicated and advertised product.

Obviously, members of the public will pay more attention to a huge balloon than a small one. That is why a company might want to invest in a huge but deflated item, one that can be filled-up with air. Typically, such an item is sold in combination with a blower system, a method for securing that big object, a repair kit, a storage case and a set of installation instructions.

Inflated arches, tunnels and tents can carry a message, and can be used to promote a good or a service. Such arches are often used at a charity event, especially one in which a group of runners will have a starting and ending point. An air-filled arch holds-up well, even in an area with a great deal of foot traffic.

A balloon seems to give those who see it an uplifting feeling. Marketers like to provide consumers with such a feeling. However, balloons that have been filled with hot air can float away. A good alternative is one of the various cold air balloons.

Custom inflatable animals and air-filled signage allow a marketer to introduce lots of variety into any series of displays. Generally, such signage features complexities in design. In addition, it possesses another significant feature, namely its ability to offer-up a clear and unmistakable message.

A tiny promotional item can be an item that a promoter has inflated just before the launching of a promotion.  When not in use, that same item is easy to store. That is one of its biggest selling points.
The final balloon-like object that should not be overlooked by any business is the inflatable costume. Children enjoy seeing such costumes; thus their appearance can make a company more appealing to families. In addition, each of them can be used to put a face on a money-making enterprise. When consumers have such a point of association, there is a greater chance that such an association may encourage the making of a purchase.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

The Questions that a Changing Business Should Raise

Too often, when a business has chosen to alter some aspect of that particular organization, it has focused on improving the figure on the bottom line of the accountant’s record book. In such cases, the company’s executives have placed their attention on that one figure. As a result, those same men and women usually fail to ask the most pertinent questions. Those are the questions that display an interest in learning who will be affected by any planned change.

Each man or woman who will be affected by such a change has a stake in the direction chosen for the anticipated changes. In other words, no alteration can take place without affecting the employees in that altered enterprise. As a result, the affected men and women could, at some point, begin to feel unsure about their future. Consequently, each of them could start to perform in a less efficient manner.
That description explains what happens during a downsizing. Work performance tends to decline. At the same time, the stressed workers are being asked to carry an even larger load.

That unwanted consequence can be avoided by initiating what is known as a whole scale change. During such a change-process, input from employees is welcomed, even encouraged. In other words, each worker contributes to a coordinated effort. No worker “wins” by keeping a job or “loses” by suffering the loss of a job.

Implementation of a whole scale change is a wiser approach for a couple additional reasons. First of all, it allows those in charge of the change-process to have more control over the rate at which that alteration is taking place. Secondly, it prevents the appearance of a dangerous void, such as the void created when not all of the men and women who stand to be affected by a planned alteration are given a chance to suggest possible modifications in the envisioned process.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Social Marketing for Businesses

As social media becomes more popular, businesses have begun to jump on the bandwagon. Most social media platforms have begun to accommodate this by offering special business categories. What can businesses gain from the social media revolution?

Social media is important to businesses because it allows them to enter the daily lives of their customers. It can be an avenue to advertise directly to their consumers without the intermediation or cost of an advertising firm. This makes social marketing a low-cost, high-impact alternative for small, local businesses with a low budget.

One way which businesses use social media is for distributing coupon codes. The business can motivate people to follow them on social media by offering coupons or discounts to people who follow them. Once people receive coupons, they are motivated to buy. The business also receives the strong benefit of becoming a part of the user’s online social network. This enables the business to inject constant updates and reminders into the user’s social stream, reminding them of their brand loyalty and keeping the business at the forefront of their mind.

However, there are also risks for businesses that use social media. In general, social media is a very public forum, so employees need to be careful about what they post on the company’s social media accounts. It is important to be politically correct to avoid alienating potential customers. Additionally, overly frequent updates can be annoying and invasive to the consumer, causing people to unsubscribe or maybe even stop patronizing the business.

Of course, there are also significant risks to not retaining social media accounts. Nowadays, a strong online presence is important both for brand visibility and for customer support. Customers use social media as a way to contact companies and also as a way to judge whether they are legitimate and appealing businesses. By failing to present themselves online, businesses allow to be represented by other parties who are less charitable and less informed. This is a great risk and should be considered seriously in favor of engaging in social media for business promotion.

Social marketing is a tremendous opportunity for businesses large and small. It allows businesses to engage consumers directly and on a day-to-day, casual basis. Like most great opportunities, it carries a not-insignificant measure of risk. However, when managed properly and used in moderate doses, social media offers a great and cost-effective way to make your brand seem special to the people who matter most.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Marketing Tips for Your Business

One of the most difficult tasks for any small business owner is marketing; not only is the business owner competing against big name companies, but there may also be thousands of similar small businesses in the same market, many of them local. One of the easiest ways to garner attention for a small business is through the use of a website, but many business owners do not have a clear idea of how to market their website successfully.

In order to get the best results from the website, small business owners need to ask themselves several important questions. What is the best way for this website to garner more attention for my business? Which social media sites will best serve my interests? Is my information up to date? Owners also need to put themselves into the shoes of the consumer and ask themselves if the website is easy to use, attractive, and if it will make them want to use their service.

It is important that the website is functional and appealing. All content should be updated regularly, with correct contact information available on the website. This information should also be up to date so that search engines accurately identify the website during search queries. The site should make it clear what kind of services or products the business offers and all pages and images should load quickly.

One of the keys to success for any small business owner when it comes to marketing on their website is to know their intended audience. In order to promote their services correctly and gain their intended customers quickly, owners must know who they are courting. This is where site demographics come into play.

Web masters can assist the business owner in this task by setting up demographic functions on the website. This allows the owner to see who visits the site most frequently through many variables including location, age, and gender. By knowing who is visiting the website, small business owners can more effectively tailor their business plan to match crucial demographic audiences and bring in more business.

Another thing to have on the site is social media links. Links to pages such as Facebook and Twitter allow the owner to promote sales or discounts as well as receive feedback from their customers. Something as simple as a question posted on Facebook can allow entrepreneurs to gather loads of feedback from their customers. This will help them to improve their products and services.

Finding a niche or specialty website to link on to is also a good idea. Using these specialty sites will allow business owners to more accurately court their intended clientele. For example, if the owner runs a bed and breakfast, advertising on a site such as TripAdvisor will allow them to gain access to those who are specifically interested in researching bed and breakfasts locations in a certain area.

These are just a few strategies that will help small business owners more efficiently advertise their website and business. The true key to making a website successful, however, is to adequately promote it and make it an active part of the business plan.

- Profiles Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Barriers to Small Business Ownership

Becoming a small business owner is incredibly difficult in today’s business world. The three chief barriers which present themselves to would-be entrepreneurs are lack of available financing, a complex bureaucratic structure, and globalized competition. Attaining financing from traditional financial institutions, like banks, in order to open or purchase a business is exceptionally difficult, especially for those without a proven record of successfully operating their own business. However, opening or purchasing a business is very expensive, making it impossible for many to so without a loan.

Not only are there startup costs associated with purchasing inventory, protecting your rights through purchasing insurance, applying for patents, etc., securing a space from which to operate a business, but most new business ventures do not earn a profit during their first year. These expenses necessitate having a large source of money from which to draw in order to establish a new business; yet, banks often refuse to make new business loans unless one already has successfully operated their own business, creating a catch-22 where would-be entrepreneurs cannot get the business skills they need to qualify for a business loan. Even if this hurdle can be overcome, the complex bureaucratic structure in America complicates owning or operating a business.

Not only is it expensive to apply for the needed permits and licenses, depending on the nature of the business, one could need  to research extensive protocols in order to be able to follow governmental regulations. Even seemingly simple business endeavors, such as an espresso stand, are subject to extensive regulations.  At times even established businesses have issues with this as the regulations are continually evolving! Plus, when one adds in the complex task of paying employees and filing tax records, complying with such regulations can be overwhelming to a new business owner. Rather than suffer from making mistakes, many new business owners would prefer to turn to professionals to perform these tasks. However, for a business struggling financially these expensive services can often be out of their reach. And competing for customers with countries from around the world, many of whom operate in locations with far simpler bureaucratic structures, is often challenging for small business owners.

Unlike international corporations, small business owners cannot purchase in bulk, afford to be able to customize their product specifications and have small marketing budgets. For service industry sectors, like eateries and gyms, globalization has less of an impact than it does for companies selling goods, although in today’s economy even service industry businesses are dominated by international corporations. However, when a small business can clearly articulate why individuals should frequent their business, such as the impact of supporting the local economy, to share their dream of the future, or to support environmentally friendly business practices, it is possible to overcome these hurdles and build a loyal clientele base capable of making a small business profitable.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Three Simple And Easy Ways to Market Your Brand New Online Business

As a result of many companies downsizing, a lot of people are exploring the opportunity to start their online business. Most of us shop online and the thought of someone buying products from OUR website can feel exciting. After making a quick decision to buy a domain name and hosting account, we have our website running.

Now What?

Does it mean that we will have continuous flow of customers buying our products online?

We need to have a marketing plan to have consistent flow of prospects to visit our website, and customers to buy our products. While it is good to have a marketing plan, it is important to know the type of marketing that can help an online business getting quality customers.

Here are the three simple ways you can market your online business to ensure consistent flow of income. While using these techniques make sure that you always get permission from your website visitor to send them the marketing materials. You can have a Web form installed with clear directions in your website seeking their name and email address:

1. Ezine Or Electronic Newsletter

Create an Ezine and schedule it to be sent to your prospects and customers every week. In the Ezine include a short Personal Note from the CEO/owner, an article related to your industry and an Offer for a product that is on SALE. Give the reader an opportunity to forward it to a friend, in case he finds it interesting. That way you will have good referrals by word of mouth. By sending your Ezine consistently, in addition to credibility, you are also building rapport with your clients and prospects.

2. Email Marketing:

Make it a point to connect with your prospects by way of Solo email. The Solo email could be sent to just wish your prospects and clients on festival days/Major Holidays. At the end of each email, you can include a signature to the Sales Page of a product in your website. You can use Solo emails to send tips/reviews pertaining to the usage of your products.

3. Social Media:

Don't complicate. Just start with Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Create accounts in the same business name. Just tweet and send updates in Facebook and Linkedin every time you send out an Ezine and/or send a Solo email to your list of prospects and customers.

By consistently using the above three strategies, you can build a list of loyal customers.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Phoenix, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is getting paid to connect people to products and services. It involves the use of phone calls websites and other mediums to give persons information about a product for them to purchase it. Many people start network marketing and get frustrated they don’t spend enough time and effort to make it work. Network marketing is not easy and the hardest part is when you are just starting out. You have to take it seriously as you would do any other business. The fact is networking is a natural part of our everyday lives. If we buy a product and like it we tend to tell someone about it. Or, if we find a good restaurant we tell a friend about it.

Some important things that can give you the edge in network marketing are

  1. Advertise
  2. Find a good product
  3. Know the product
  4. Keep updated about new products and trends. 

Once you find a good product it makes it easier to refer it to someone. The next step is to know as much as you can about the product so you can answer any question and make that connection. Advertising is important and you can use the internet to get the message out there. You must know what is happening in the market and keep up with the latest trends. This way you know what the competition has to offer and how you can plan your marketing strategy.

There are a lot of companies out that have products that they would like to sell. Studying the company’s policy is very important. Good companies have lots of tools to assist marketers. They also have good compensation for referrals. They try to ensure success through mentoring programs. The important thing is to find a company with a good history and track record that takes care of their affiliates.

Take time to study the market, they are a lot of scammers on the internet that sell you something that seems too good to be true and they usually are. Read referrals on these companies before you start. Network marketing is a great way to make money with having to invest a lot of capital to start up. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to earn a good living while having flexible work time.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Scottsdale, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

What Exactly Is Social Business and What Does It Mean?

Social businesses offer up technologies, processes and strategies that implement social technologies that are used across an entire enterprise. They create and optimize a very complex and collaborative ecosystem of employees, partners, and suppliers and of course, customers. To become a social business the company needs to understand it takes much more than just a presence on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

The businesses who wish to reach their goal of becoming a “social business” must organize their objectives and cross enterprise collaboration to become socially integrated. The business blueprint that is created should focus on people and the culture that surrounds the business.

The Reason For Social Businesses

Social businesses offer a better form of communication. The internal communication level is broadened and therefore the effectiveness of public brand communication reaches new heights. The better a business can communicate to their customers the higher brand awareness will be, and therefore the profits increase. Social businesses are better at making decisions when it comes to their employees, customers and business partners.

With the social networking growing in popularity, more and more businesses are looking to change their strategy to a more socially geared method. Businesses are becoming more forward-thinking when it comes to approaching their customers and building their brand. The level of internal communication and external communication offers up a more “holistic” approach to doing business.

Humanizing Business Brands

Humanizing a brand is an important part of humanizing a business. There has to be more to the process than just phone calls, golf outing, emails and office parties, social networking has to become a huge part of the companies infrastructure. Internal and external communication must be working towards a better standard, one that offers up a more socially appreciated brand.

Social brands incorporate the entire customer experience. By humanizing their brands, marketers are able to touch on points that other companies may miss. Businesses are beginning to realize that it is not just about getting on social networks and offering up a few social campaigns, it is about actually becoming a social business as a whole.

Many businesses have already begun their process of turning a social media campaign into a more solid way of doing business. Marketing has proven that through social media networks a brand becomes more humanized, so why not market the business to become more humanized through social marketing?

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Scottsdale, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

On Securing a Business’ Presence

When any profit-driven enterprise has managed to gain a larger amount of visibility, then the head of that endeavor can feel satisfied that it has progressed along the path that ensures acquisition of a business’ presence. The business owner who has realized that fact should not become complacent. Instead, he or she ought to work on keeping that same venture on its promising path.

Those who have been asked to engage in such well-directed efforts should look for ways of ensuring maintenance of their venture’s visibility. That goal can be achieved by securing some added publicity. Fortunately, the Internet can serve as a source of free publicity.  

A business can arrange for the posting of announcements on selected social media networks. Alternately, it can post updated information on its Facebook page. In addition, it can place noteworthy tweets on Twitter. All such moves should heighten public awareness of a quietly-marketed product or service.

Now not every posted announcement can ensure the acquisition of more sales by the enterprise that has coordinated each announcement’s release. Only certain announcements can accomplish that goal. Those are the most relevant ones. Those are the ones that document one company’s readiness to provide consumers with a sure way to fix a troublesome problem.

Are there some popular businesses that have demonstrated such a readiness? Yes, the public’s love for entertainment has paved the way for creation of more than one such money-making enterprise. One business that belongs in that category is the one that has replaced the once familiar video rental companies. It arose from pursuit of one entrepreneur’s concept. That concept called for providing families with ready access to small and compact DVDs.  

Another excellent example illustrates an attempt to solve a problem created by the real estate market. A growing number of homeowners felt hard-pressed to collect enough money to cover the monthly mortgage. Now one website lets them get some extra cash, while renting out a room. Travelers with a hand-held device use an application to reserve such a room, when visiting the appropriate location.

The executives in charge of both businesses have made a point of targeting a large group of consumers. Each of them has recognized the futility that is linked to the targeting of selected customers. Each of them understood that when a large percentage of consumers learn about an enterprise, then that action aids creation of a business’ unquestioned presence.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Scottsdale, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Highlighting a Time to Use Whole Scale Change

Whenever it becomes obvious that an enterprise could benefit from some strategic planning, those in charge of that same organization ought to consider initiating a whole scale change. Efforts to plan projects during a series of piece meal alterations are apt to put a strain on employees. The resulting lack of consistency can prove confusing.  That is why attempts to follow a considered strategy could encounter a real roadblock, if each of them has been initiated in an organization that has failed to support some significant alterations.  

Sometimes, executives in a company are so reluctant to encourage major changes that one or more of them sees even a minor alteration as a significant shift. It that case, those same reluctant executives may picture a piece meal process as something that is equivalent to a system-wide transformation. That type of attitude underscores two of the mistakes that are commonly made by those who undertake a whole scale change.

One recurring mistake concerns a possible offer of leeway to certain members of the company’s leadership group. One or more of them might be allowed to overrule the decisions of a strategy planning or core team. The second mistake entails failure to build a suitable team. It should be one that has a leadership group, so that its members can be aligned, and prepared for displaying the required level of excellence.

No system wide alteration can expect to enjoy success in the absence of those who are willing to strive for excellence. However, that must be accompanied by measures that encourage an interconnectedness of people, processes and technology. If all those elements have been put in place, then an enterprise can expect to reap true benefits from its system wide alterations. Then it can anticipate success, after launching an effort at strategic planning.  

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Scottsdale, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

How a Myth Has Invited Problems with Job Performance

For centuries one Persian custom pushed those living in that ancient civilization to accept the veracity of a myth. It was a fictional account of what takes place on the first day of spring, the first day of the Persian New Year. It described a huge bull, one that carried the Earth on its horns. According to mythical statements, that bull shifted the Earth from one horn to the next at the very hour that spring arrived in the northern hemisphere.

Eventually, scientific evidence proved the absence of proof for that mythical interpretation of natural events. Now studies about feedback are exposing the lack of veracity behind a popular business myth. It is called the Hawthorne Effect, and it concerns a manner of viewing job performance.  According to the Hawthorne Effect, almost any beneficial change that has been introduced in a workplace can ensure creation of a positive change for only a limited period of time.

Recent evidence suggests that there have been times when a minor change has caused long-term improvements in workers’ performance. Followers of Hawthorne’s myth had failed to detect evidence of that fact, because each of them had ignored a certain detail. Each had mirrored the thinking of the ancient Persians.

Even today, Persians clap and shout, as a group of them celebrates spring’s arrival. Centuries ago, such a celebration often entailed the shooting of cannons and the sounding of drums. All that noise would cause things to shake. That shaking had been interpreted as proof that the Earth was being moved from one of the bull’s horns to the other.  

Followers of the Hawthorne Effect failed to examine any details that related to feedback. When fed some form of positive reinforcement, an employee feels more inspired to perform at an optimal level, to make maximum use of his/her experience and skills. In the absence of such feedback, even the most beneficial change cannot get an employee to work in a more productive manner.

Yet even in the presence of positive reinforcement, not every worker is certain to demonstrate a remarkable level of excellence. A worker’s diligence and dedication to a job can be enhanced through implementation of certain actions, those that must be undertaken by the same worker’s superiors. Those actions concern the offering of rewards, of material proof that an employee’s improved behavior has been recognized and acknowledged.

Such recognition and acknowledgement can improve an employee’s on-the-job performance. It can serve as a source of added motivation. It can ensure emergence of the desired change, of an improved behavior, once some carefully-planned alteration has taken place within a work setting. Combined with suitable feedback, a show of recognition can act to ensure continuance of that anticipated and hopefully productive behavior.  

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Scottsdale, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Why a Manager Should Encourage Group Ownership

A manager’s mood often reflects the degree to which supervised employees have demonstrated excellent on-the-job performance.  However, there are times when an employee performs well one day and far less efficiently the following day.  Ideally, management of some section of a company should guarantee maintenance of workers’ highly-desirable behaviors. That fact points to the reason that a manager should encourage group ownership.  

Group ownership can develop in a setting where there is a healthy amount of collegiality and cooperation. It tends to flourish in an environment that invites teamwork. That is particularly true when a manager’s team receives a decided amount of positive reinforcement.

The benefits linked to such positive reinforcement can be enhanced, if a managed team works with someone who has been trained to carry-out what is known as on-the-spot behavior. In that case, he or she demonstrates a readiness to pay attention and to offer suitable feedback. Such feedback should be caring and productive in nature.  

Now, managers find it hard to display on-the-spot behaviors if their supervision must be offered to a string of men and women, all of whom are working independently. That task becomes less of a challenge, if the same males and females have been assigned to different teams. That makes it easier for a manager to provide each group of workers with positive reinforcement, and thus to increase chances that excellent job performance will be sustained.  

Moreover, there are additional reasons why a manager ought to encourage group ownership. One of those relates to instances of experimentation. Experimentation can aid the implementation of improvements, but not when it invites development of a competitive spirit. It must take place in an atmosphere of collaboration, such as the one that should exist within a team.

 Furthermore, a good manager works to strengthen the bonds of unity within a group. A united group is more apt to demonstrate the value of teamwork. It tends to be more efficient, more effective. Thus the team’s actions are more likely to reflect the productive behaviors that managers welcome.  Cultivation of group ownership has the ability to ensure maintenance of such welcome behaviors.  

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow, Scottsdale, Arizona

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

How Can Facebook be Used to Promote Your Business

The idea of Facebook was hatched about ten years ago in the room of a Harvard Student.  At the time it was created as a way for people at Harvard University to communicate and share information with their circle of friends.  As Facebook grew to other schools and universities around the country it remained a network that was supposed to be social and was not designed as an avenue for commercial businesses to find more customers.  Facebook did not even sell advertising space on their website when it was first started.

Of course as Phillip Thow says, the ideas about what Facebook is have changed.  It is no longer confined to college campuses and individuals are not the only people that can create a Facebook page.  Advertisements are now very visible whenever you log in to Facebook.   Instead of being able to count the number of people on Facebook in terms of thousands it is now talked about in the terms of hundreds of millions of users.  You can now find more people who have a Facebook page than you can find people who do not have a page.  The scope of Facebook is that broad.  It has also become a place where businesses can market themselves.

There are a few ways for a business to take advantage of Facebook.  The first and most obvious way is by placing ads on Facebook.  These are ads that people can click on and they will be directed to a website that is being advertised.  While this is a good way to advertise through Facebook, it is not the only way.

Phillip Thow talks about how businesses can take advantage of all of the information that Facebook has about its users.  If a business creates their own Facebook page they can get people to like their site.  This will allow them to send out messages about their business to the people who have said they like the business.  This type of messaging is very cheap to do and is great at keeping a business at the top of people’s mind.  Facebook can play an important role in building up the brand image of a company and that will help the business be more successful.

Other websites are now using Facebook accounts to login to their own websites.  When they use this service from Facebook, they get access to the profile information of the people who use this function.  That information can be used to help the business with a targeted marketing campaign which has proven to be one of the most successful types of advertising that is available.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Why is Yahoo Changing Its Focus

When it comes to the internet there are a few names that are recognized by almost everyone.  If you mention Google, Facebook or Yahoo, the recognition by people is almost instantaneous.  While the names are familiar, most people are not really aware of what these different internet companies do and how powerful they actually are.  The fact they are powerful companies does not guarantee their success.  Facebook went public and the demand for the stock was much lower than anyone has thought.  Google has tried to increase its presence in people’s lives by moving into different fields on the internet with varying degrees of success.  Yahoo at times has been the big company that is buying others at times and has been a company that is struggling financially to survive at others.  The way that these companies react to their changing fate on the internet will be what determines how successful and powerful they will b, according to Phillip Thow.

Yahoo is trying to reestablish their company as a major player on the World Wide Web.  In the world today that means offering its users all of the social media tools that they need and that they want.  The problem is that the technology is changing so fast, it is difficult to do.  The approach that Yahoo is taking is to create a brand new environment.  They are trying to become the leader in digital technology and allow people to access it and use it in ways that are not being done by the other companies.

The key to this approach involves understanding how people are using their technology.  It was only 30 years ago that people started to get a computer in their home.  These desktop computers were great, but they could only be used in one place.  Laptops allowed people to use computer technology in more places, but had many limitations. Mobile computers and technology is creating a presence of technology wherever a person is and that is what Yahoo is going to focus their efforts on.  They are going to give their users a unique experience on whatever device they choose to use, wherever they choose to use it.

Phillip Thow believes this shift in the emphasis for Yahoo may be what is needed to help the current third place company in the industry take over the lead. It is something that only time will tell if it works, but it is the strategy that Yahoo is choosing to follow right now.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Learn How to Advertise to the Right People

Phillip Thow says that the old ideas that people had about marketing need to change.   It used to be that businesses would try as many different types of advertising strategies as they could.  The hope was that if they sent out their message to a wide enough audience, they would get enough response from some of the people to have a successful business.  It did not always work in the past and it is not going to work in the high speed world that we live in today.  The internet has allowed people to reach even larger audiences with their advertising than ever before. It is also allowing people to do this for less money than the traditional forms of advertising that we are used to.  The problem is that if you do not reach the right audience with your advertisements, you will not help your business succeed.

The first step a business needs to do as they develop a marketing campaign that will reach the right audience for their message is identify who their audience is.  If they are a local business they might need to focus on that area more. If they are an internet business that tries to attract customers around the world, then that is the audience they will have to target.

When you are defining your target industry, you need to think about the type of industry that you are in.  If you are in an industry that depends on technology, you need to create advertising that will reflect that message.  Just like you have to define who your customers should be, you need to figure out how you can best deliver your message so that the people will respond to it.

As you define your customers and your industry, you will be able to figure out the best ways to reach the right audience.  It will allow you to take advantage of the technology that is available in the most effective ways.  When you can come up with a plan that will market your business to a specific group of people, you will be making the best use of your advertising budget.

The idea of marketing to a specific group of people as Phillip Thow said is something that businesses have to get used to.  It may cause them to miss a customer or two when they do not send out their message to huge groups of people, but the bottom line is that more people will respond to advertising that is marketed to target audiences.  This type of advertising is the best way to make a business successful.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Marketing on the Internet is Different

It is easy to advertise on the traditional media sources.  People for years have been able to effectively market their businesses through the use of television, radio and print ads.  When the internet was established it changed the rules for both businesses and marketing.  Businesses no longer had to have a physical location in order to generate revenues.  Businesses could use the internet to generate revenue.  The internet can help both traditional retailers, they can help business that have both an online and a traditional retail outlet or they can help businesses that operate solely online.

According to Phillip Thow, what has not changed is the need for any type of business to market them.  Instead of using the traditional methods of advertising, businesses have to learn how to use the tools of advertising that are effective on the internet as well.  When you advertise on the internet, it is very easy for people to ignore the message that you are sending.  Emails that are sent as part of an advertising campaign can be ignored and popup ads can be blocked with the help of computer security software.  Businesses need to be aware of the different type so advertising that are available and how they can benefit them if they are going to come up with an effective strategy.

The most popular form of advertising on the internet is known as pay-per-click advertising.  This is a term that refers to the small ads that are on any webpage for a variety of businesses.  When a person is visiting a web page is interested in the ad, they can click on it and be directed to the website that the ad is for.  The business that placed the ads pays the owner of the webpage that displays the ad for each person who clicks on the ad.  This type of advertising can be very effective because only the people who are interested in the ad will actually click on it and those are the people that the business will be paying for.

Another type of similar marketing is pay-per lead advertising.  In this format a business will pay people for referrals to other customers that they can target.  It is another way to use your marketing dollars effectively. Phillip Thow says that the businesses that spend their advertising money wisely are the ones that will get the best results.

A business needs to take advantage of the new technology to help them grow their business.  It is important in this struggling economy to understand the importance of advertising, but is more important to use your advertising dollar wisely.  It will help make your business successful.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Target Your Marketing Approach

It may seem like a good way to advertise your business.  If you put a commercial on television, you may be able to attract more business. It is a tactic that has worked for a long time, but it is only effective for a relatively small number of businesses.  Most businesses do not have the resources that are required for advertising on television and they probably do not have the need to advertise on television.  When you advertise on television, you are reaching a very broad audience and it may not be as effective as you might need.

Phillip Thow says that most businesses would better benefit if they would use their advertising dollars to market to smaller groups.  If businesses would target their advertisement campaigns better they would get better use out of their advertising dollars.  It may sound like a smart thing to do, but it is not always that easy.  Businesses need to change the way they are going to market their company to take advantage of targeted advertising.

Figure out Your Audience

The hardest thing that businesses need to do is identify their target audience.  If you are going to advertise to the best possible group of people, you will have to make an effort to figure out who they are.  Phillip Thow points out that the place a business needs to start when identifying their target is with the customers your business already has.  This type of information can be collected in a variety of ways.  The information can be collected when you are working with your customers.  Databases can be built that will provide you information about who your customers are and what they are spending their money on.  This will not only help you target the right audience with your marketing campaigns, it will also help you run your business more effectively. Both of these things can help you make your business more successful.

Reach Your Audience

Once you know who your target audience is, you have to find ways to reach them.  The use of the internet and mobile technology allows you to send the advertisements to people that will make them want to be a customer of your business. You can come up with campaigns that are based on the history you have with the target audience you are sending it to.  This means that when you do spend your advertising dollars, you will get a better response and that will translate into a more successful business.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

How to Use the Power of the Internet to Grow Business

It has become fairly obvious to most businesses that they need to utilize the internet to help out their business.  The wide reach of the internet can be valuable to helping a business succeed, but if it is not used properly, it will not help at all.  There are times when a business that does not use the internet in the right way can actually damage their business with the internet. Phillip Thow has pointed out that just because you are able to turn on a computer, it does not mean that you have the knowledge and expertise that is needed to use the internet in the most effective way.

The first thing that people need to realize is that any presence that they have on the internet will reflect on their business.  If they create a website that is sloppy and unprofessional, people will think that the business is run in the same manner.   If you advertise in a way that is offensive or intrusive to your potential customers they will be more likely to avoid your company instead of doing business with you.  In order to use the internet in the best way for your business, it may be best to enlist professionals in this area.

Many businesses turn to search engine optimization companies.  These companies will tweak a website and will use other techniques to improve the ranking of a business’s website on the various search engines.  This means that if someone performs a search, a business is more likely to appear near the top of the search results.  Most people who use search engines will only go to the sites that are returned on the first page of a web search.  If you cannot get your website placed there, you will not get the traffic that you want for your website.

PhillipThow warns business owners not to think it is that easy to improve your search engine ranking.  A business person may think if they use certain keywords on their website it will improve their ranking.  The complexity of the algorithms used by the search engine does not allow this to happen.  If you hire people with the knowledge to do the job the right way, your website will be able to attract the visitors that you want and you will be able to build your business using the power of the internet.  It is something that every business needs to consider.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Take Advantage of Social Media Networks to Build Business

The idea of social media networks has been around almost as long as the internet.  People love to take advantage of the power of the internet to communicate with others.  The social media networks may have started out as a way for friends to share information with each other, but they have grown into something that is much bigger and much more powerful.

Companies need to take advantage of the social media networks if they want to grow their business.  There are many different ways that a business can use the social media to increase awareness of their business and to advertise their business to current and potential customers.  Phillip Thow warns companies that if they ignore the importance of social media, they will be in trouble.  It is hard to argue the success that companies have had when they have turned to the social media networks.  The question that businesses have to ask is how they can use the social media to advertise their business.

The first thing that a business has to do is create a presence on the social media networks.  This may involve creating a page on a network or signing up for an address with the network.  While it is not difficult to get a presence on the social network, that is not enough.  You need to make sure that the page you create or the information that you are providing your customers is something that they want to see.  The image you create on these networks has to reflect the image that you want people to have of your company.  It is possible that you can set up a page on the social media networks on your own, but it might be a good idea to enlist the help of a professional designer to get the best results.

PhillipThow also reminds us that you need to keep any page that you set up fresh.  Theidea behind using social media for advertising is to get people to revisit the page you created often.  The more you can do this, the more you will be remembered and that will translate into increased revenues.

You can also link all of the social media networks together so that people can connect with you in a variety of ways.  The best thing about advertising on social media networks is people start to think of your business as a friend and not just a place to spend your money.  That will help your business immensely.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

How to Advertise with Email

The internet has changed the way that companies market themselves.  Instead of sending out mass mailings through the postal service, companies are turning to emails to accomplish the same thing.   Using traditional mail services to send out direct mailings requires an investment of time and money.  It does not arrive to people in a timely fashion all of the time.  If you choose to use the post office, you are depending on someone else to deliver your message.  If a company want to use a delivery technique that is similar to traditional mailings, but that offers several advantages.  The use of email will deliver this for many companies.  Phillip Thow has said that there are many advantages and a few disadvantages to using email for advertising purposes.


  • Everyone has an email address.  This may be slightly overstated but there are a lot of people who use their emails and that check on it on a regular basis.  Email advertising allows you to advertise to a large group of people or it allows you to tailor the people that you are marketing to.
  • It is cost effective.  Direct mail campaigns require the company to print out the advertising, stuff the envelopes and pay for the postage of the envelope.  It may not be expensive unless you compare it to email advertising.  An email can be created and sent to the audience that is desired for a fraction of the cost.  There is no cost of printing or mailing involved and the labor that is required is also much lower.
  • Email advertising is timely.  A computer can deliver thousands of messages in an instant.  There is no time delay from coming up with the email ad, until the people start to receive it.  This allows companies to advertise things such as a daily deal or other types of ads where a timely delivery is beneficial.


Phillip Thow has said that the biggest disadvantage is the image that can be created by companies that use email advertising.  The idea of receiving spam as mass email advertising is sometimes referred to can reflect negatively on a company.  While this may not always happen the bigger problem is that many people ignore the emails.  They have filters which prevent them from even receiving the emails.  It takes a lot of emails to get anyone to respond to this type of advertising. 

While companies do have to find a way to get people to read their email ads, it is not something that is insurmountable.  Many companies use a variety of techniques that allow their email advertising to be effective.  It is something that the smart companies are using if they want to be successful.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

What Should Your Business Do: Lease or Buy

It cost a lot of money to operate a business.  If the business has to buy property or purchase equipment they will need to have the money available to do that.  It could require a lot of cash to be able to purchase these things.  If you are starting a new business, it might not be easy to have that much money lying around.  You might try to go to a bank or finance company to get the money, but this is not always easy to do either.  If you are a new business, the banks might be hesitant about lending you the money that you need.  Phillip Thow tells us that if we are looking to start a new business and do not have the capital that is needed to buy everything, we do not have to give up hope.  There is another option that might actually offer a business a better solution than paying cash for everything or borrowing the money that is needed to do this.

The idea of leasing property and equipment is very popular with businesses. Under a leasing agreement the business can get the things that it needs without having to put the money up front.  The cost of leasing a building could be less than the cost of paying a loan back, yet the business still gets many of the benefits of ownership that they need.  They will have a building that suits their needs and if they lease the equipment, they could find that they are able to get newer equipment than if they had to pay cash for it

Newer equipment and buildings require less maintenance than used equipment.  The life span of the leased equipment might be longer than anything that you can buy.  Employees will also appreciate working with newer equipment and will be more motivated to do a better job for you.

According to Phillip Thow there are downsides to leasing equipment and a building instead of buying it.  The first and most obvious is the fact that you will not own the things that you are leasing.  Many businesses use the property they own to help them raise cash in the future, and you cannot do this if you are leasing.  There is also the problem about the term of the lease.  When it runs out, you have to find ways to get a new building or equipment.  Every business needs to evaluate the plusses and minuses of leasing and decide which will work best for them.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

How to get Cash for your Business

There is one thing that all businesses have in common.  It does not matter if it is a big or small business.  It doe net make a difference whether the business is incorporated or if it is a sole proprietorship.  Businesses can operate traditional retail locations, operate as an online retailer or they can use a combination of both of these.  No matter what kind of business venture you have, the one common need for all businesses is money.  Most businesses hop that they can get the money they need by generating revenue for their customers.  Unfortunately this does not always provide the business with the cash flow it needs to meet its obligations or to grow and there is a need to find other ways to raise the money that is needed.

Phillip Thow suggests that businesses need to know how they can capitalize the resources of their business to provide them with the cash they need at times.  There are many small business owners who have no idea what this means and even if they do not know what it means they do not know how to accomplish it.  The basic idea is that a business has many things that have value to them.  All they have to do is learn how to recognize them and then they have to learn how to turn that into cash when it is needed.

  • Property – If a business has a physical location that can be used to borrow money against.  But the building that a business has is only part of the property that they own.  Any equipment that the business uses can also be used to help them get capital.  Other resources can also be turned into cash and collateral when needed.
  • Accounts Receivable – This is an asset that many companies are not aware of.  If your customers do not pay you right away, the accounts receivable that they owe can be turned into capital.  There are companies that buy the accounts receivable from other businesses.  They buy these at a discount and they make money when they collect the full amount.  It could be a great way to raise much needed cash.

Borrowing money or selling accounts receivables are fast ways to get cash.  Phillip Thow also recommends raising long term capital by cutting costs wherever possible.  The money that is saved by cost cutting measures can help the business have the capital it needs to either repay the loans they have made or make other improvements in their business.  The most successful businesses are the ones that have these systems in place.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

Businesses Look at Cash Differently

Every individual understands the underlying need for cash.  We use it to buy the things that are family needs.  It is what we use to pay the rent or mortgage on the home that they live in.  If you have enough cash saved away, you can afford to get the luxuries you want to make your life a little better.  It is a fairly simple concept.  The hope of is that you are able to earn more money than you spend.  If you do that it will help you to have a fun time in life.

Businesses also depend on having cash on hand to survive.  They need to meet the obligations they have in order to stay afloat.  The costs that businesses have to deal with are not the same that an individual has and because of that, a business must look at their finances differently than an individual does.  Phillip Thow talks about the different ways that business need to think about the cash they have.

  • Cash on Hand – this is the money they need to pay the basic bills.  A business needs to have the money in the bank to pay their payroll and for their buildings and utilities.  If they do not have this on hand, they will not have happy employees because they will have to work in the dark without any electricity and without any guarantee of being paid for their work because the company underestimated its needs for cash.
  • Long Term Cash – This is the money that is needed to pay for any improvements to the business in the future.  A business has to plan for replacing equipment that is old and obsolete.  They need to have plans to expand their business in the future if they want to grow.  In order to accomplish this, a business must find ways to save the cash that they will need and keep it until it is needed.
  • Cash on credit – From time to time a business will borrow money it needs either to meet its obligations or to finance long term improvements to the business.  Whenever the business borrows money it needs to have a plan to repay that debt.  Philip Thow loves to point out that any business that fails to do this is one step away from locking its doors.

Individuals do not need to plan their money in the same way that businesses do.  The money that they are able to earn from work is much more stable than many businesses.  This means that businesses have to understand the types of cash they have and how they can best use it.

- Written By: Phillip (Phil) Thow

Phil Thow, Phillip Thow

What You Should Know Before Buying Into A Franchise

Buying into a Scottsdale Arizona franchise can be a great opportunity, but you have to understand there are some cons as well. One of the great things about buying into a Scottsdale Arizona franchise is the fact the business is already established and will have a loyal group of consumers and a recognizable brand. You will be given all the marketing materials and guidelines for running the Scottsdale Arizona business and will not be responsible for creating any of the ads, brochures or sales campaigns. On the downside to that fact you will have no control over the Scottsdale Arizona franchise you purchase. This means that the stability of the brand and the franchise is not in your hands and if they do not have a great plan in place for marketing their business then you will sink right along with them.

You also have to consider that the contract will be legally binding and not based on whether or not you're successful or not. So, this means if you have agreed to pay a percentage of your sales or a flat rate annually, even if you are not doing well you will still be obligated to pay that amount.

The more stable and popular a Scottsdale Arizona franchise is you can expect to pay more to buy into it. So, if you want stability in your Scottsdale Arizona franchise, expect to pay a higher price when you sign the contract.

- Written By: Phillip Thow

Use Video Marketing For Your Small Business

When you are looking at the various ways to market your Scottsdale Arizona small business, think about video marketing. With just a short 2-3 minute video that is relevant to your Scottsdale Arizona business you can create more traffic to your site, get your brand more recognized and begin earning more profits.

The videos that are created can be placed on a wide range of platforms. There are several video hosting sites that you can submit your videos to and many of them are free to use. Be sure that your Scottsdale Arizona business is properly represented in the videos that you create and that you are offering something useful to your viewers. You want the videos to be short enough that they encourage the viewers to visit your Scottsdale Arizona website, so give them a few teases to get them to click through.

Be sure you market your Scottsdale Arizona business videos to the search engines and create proper tagging with the keywords used throughout your marketing campaign. You want people to actually see your videos, just like you want them to visit your Scottsdale Arizona business website so you to market them just the same. Create marketing campaigns that are solely for your videos through social media networking, search engine optimization, article promotion and various other platforms to get your viewers attention. Always update your videos and keep the content fresh and exciting so the viewers will continue to come back and see what else you have to offer.

- Written By: Phil Thow

The Best Ways To Market Your Online Business

Marketing your online Scottsdale Arizona business can be a challenge. The techniques for marketing change every year and while some methods become stale, others flourish as time goes on. Keeping up with the times is extremely important for your Scottsdale Arizona business, so do not let your marketing tactics and strategies go stale.

Social networking is one of the most popular methods for marketing your Scottsdale Arizona business and it offers many benefits including free advertising. With the ability to reach thousands, even millions of potential customers social networks have really began to take off as one of the more effective ways to market any Scottsdale Arizona business.

E-Mail marketing may be an old method, but it is tried and true. By offering up a special offer or even a free download in exchange for your visitors contact information you can increase your profits dramatically. Many of your Scottsdale Arizona visitors will click away from your website without ever buying anything and many may never return. By gaining their contact information you can send out email advertisements for special offers, sales or other events and get them to come back and hopefully buy something from your Scottsdale Arizona Company.

Always keep up with the new ways to market your business but never forget about the older more trustworthy methods. Stick with what works and look to change only what isn't. It may take several weeks to see if a marketing technique is working or not, so be patient as you try new things.

- Written By: Phil Thow

Optimizing Your Business For The Search Engines

When you are creating your Scottsdale Arizona online business, the first priority needs to be optimization for the search engines. Most people turn to the internet to search for information, products, services or local businesses and the majority of those people will begin with the search engines. If your Scottsdale Arizona business is not properly optimized for the search engines you will most likely never show up in the results.

Having your Scottsdale Arizona website show up in the top results with major search engines is imperative to your businesses success. You need to ensure that you have created your website with keyword rich content and included those keywords in alt tags, H1 tags and Meta tags. Keep the content fresh and updated on your Scottsdale Arizona website so the search engines will continue to give you high rankings, stale pages lose their rankings after time. Be sure to submit your Scottsdale Arizona business website to not just the major search engines but some of the less popular ones as well. You want as much visibility as you can get for your Scottsdale Arizona business and the search engines are the best place to get it.

Always monitor your website and check that the campaigns you are using are working to bring you the right traffic to your site. You may find that certain keywords will bring traffic but not from those who are buying your products, so you will have to alter your content from time to time to find what works best for your business.

- Written By: Phil Thow

Building A Good Online Reputation And Brand

Your Scottsdale Arizona business needs a strong online presence as well as a strong reputation. When you are creating your online presence for your Scottsdale Arizona business you have to keep in mind that you will have some negative feedback from time to time. The best way to counteract the bad is to create more good, and that may take some work and some time.

Begin by creating a professional and useful website for your Scottsdale Arizona business and optimizing it properly to the search engines. Once you have built a strong foundation, work on expanding your presence through the social media networks. Each of the social media networks are designed to help you promote your Scottsdale Arizona business in different ways. One will help you network with other Scottsdale Arizona like minded businesses while others are used for research and for socializing with your consumers. Keep in mind that you are not using these platforms to sell your products or services, only to better promote your Scottsdale Arizona business and build a stronger brand.

If you feel that you are struggling with trying to create a good reputation or that you have ran into negative feedback that you are unable to deal with, call on the experts. Brand management companies are affordable and highly trained to remove the negative impacts on your business and help you build more positive ones. The worst thing you could ever do is to leave a negative feedback alone, it needs attention right away to lessen the blow to your reputation.

- Written By: Phillip Thow

4 Tips to Starting a Successful Business

Do you have a great idea for starting your own business? In today's economy a lot of people are starting their own businesses rather than looking for just another job. Small businesses can be successful but in order to get started there are a few things to consider first. Phillip Thow suggests having these four things in place before getting started:

  1. Find a business mentor in the same field.
  2. Make sure you have a good business plan.
  3. Develop a marketing strategy.
  4. Be prepared for the unexpected.

A lot of small business owners are taking advantage of having a mentor. This is a very important tool that can give you an advantage in the business world. What better than to have someone to learn from and that you can turn to when you have questions? Phillip Thow recognizes the importance of having a strong business mentor. He suggests that every small business owner trying to get started find one.

Before you even start your business you need to have a solid business plan in place. Having a business plan is a must to get started. You should know where you want your business to go and how you want it to grow. Having a business mentor can help you with your business plan. When you learn from someone that has started a small business they know what you should and shouldn't do and can guide you in the right direction. Creating a business plan that will be successful doesn't come easily. Having a mentor will make the process a lot simpler.

Another thing Phillip Thow suggests is developing a strong marketing plan. Your business obviously won't be successful if you don't sell any product. You need to have a clear plan on how you will sell your product. A successful business will have a good marketing plan and will be able to market to the appropriate target audience. Do your research before you get started. You could waste a lot of time and money if you fail to have a solid marketing plan. A good marketing strategy is a very important part of establishing a good business plan.

Be prepared. Be prepared. Be prepared. Phillip Thow cannot stress this enough. There are some things that you can't prepare for but you need to be as prepared as you can be. You need to be prepared so your business can survive what ever is thrown at it. This is another area your mentor can help you. If you find a mentor that has been through the start up of a business they can help you prepare for everything you need to.

There are many things that can help your business be successful. These are a few tips from Phillip Thow that can help. With these 4 tips you can start your business with more confidence that you have the tools to make it successful. Don't be afraid to take the leap into owning your own business.

Written By: Phillip Thow

A Few Secrets to Business Success

If you are considering starting your own business whether online or off, there are a few secrets to getting started that not everyone knows or follows. Having the right tools before you begin can help solidify Seattle  your business success. Unfortunately not every new business will succeed. With today's economy every business should take advantage of every opportunity it can in order to be successful.

Phillip Thow suggests following these key guidelines when establishing a successful business:

  1. Have a good plan
  2. Find a mentor
  3. Develop a marketing strategy
  4. Be prepared

Even if you have a great business idea, if you get started before you have a solid plan your business could be in trouble before it gets started. In order to be successful Phillip Thow mentions to establish a clear plan. Where do you want your business to be in 5 years? What procedures are you implementing today to get there? Having a clear business plan will help lay the foundation for the rest of your business. Without a good business plan you won't get very far. Taking a little time to develop a good plan will increase your chances of operating a successful business.

You may think you don't need a mentor. Phillip Thow recommends having an experienced mentor to help you get started with your small business. Having someone with first hand real world experience is invaluable. Deciding not to find a mentor could have adverse affects. Most of your competitors have a mentor. Without a mentor you will be one step behind in the business world. When trying to operate a successful business you want to give yourself every advantage possible. Finding a mentor is a good place to start.

Marketing your product is a must. You don't make any money if you can't sell your product. Develop a clear plan on how you will market your product. Whether it is a personal service or items you need to establish how you will market your business to the public. There are so many formats available to do this. With the internet the possibilities are endless. There are many resources available to help you with a marketing plan.

Nothing can help you as much as being prepared. Before starting the venture of opening your own business you need to prepare as much as possible. Being prepared for whatever comes your way will help you more than anything else. This is another place having a mentor will help you. A mentor can help you identify the things you need to prepare for. If you have never operated a business you may not know where to begin. Phillip Thow suggests having a mentor to guide you through the preparation process. Having that mentor will be extremely helpful.

A new business venture can be exciting and scary. Give yourself and your new business the best start possible. By following the advice given by Phillip Thow you are giving yourself every advantage. With these secrets to success you can feel more prepared to start your own business.

Written By: Phillip Thow

Factors of Small Business Success

Every small business wants to succeed. What makes the difference between those that make it and those that don't? There are secrets to success that everyone may know, but they don't implement in their every day business practice. Phillip Thow recommends using these tips Seattle in order to improve your chances of achieving success with your small business.

  • Specialize in one area
  • Think like a big company
  • Make your product unique
  • First impressions are important
  • Improve constantly
  • Listen to your customers
  • Establish a good business plan

A way to compete with larger stores in your area is by finding a specialty. You won't be able to keep in stock everything that a large store does. When you can specialize and pair down what you are able to offer you can become an expert in that area.

Small businesses have unique advantages over large companies. As a small business you are able to offer more personalized service to your customers. If a customer needs you, you are able to respond quickly. A small business is not held back by corporate rules or policies. You can create your own rules and be flexible with them. Phillip Thow suggests keeping that in mind when starting your small business.

If you are trying to market a product that is already on the market you need to make it unique. Don't reproduce what your competition is doing. While it is important to stay up to date with what your competitors are doing, you don't want to seem like a copy-cat.

In the business industry you need to make a good first impression. Depending on the type of business you are operating there are many different factors that can weigh into you making a good impression. You want to look professional at all times, especially when you are meeting new clients and customers. If you have a store you want it looking neat and tidy at all times.

The only way to stay ahead is if you are constantly improving. Phillip Thow knows there will always be something new and different out there. Be flexible and open when it comes to changing and expanding your business. Just because you have always done something one way doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. Change can be a good thing.

A great way to be successful is to offer something your community needs. Listen to your customers and provide a service that they ask for. Get feedback from your customers to improve your business.

You need to establish a clear idea of where you want your business to take you. Phillip Thow recommends having a good plan in place to help lead your business down the path to success. When you have a clear idea of how you want your business operated it will aid you in decisions down the road. If you don't have a good plan your business could take a wrong turn and end up not being a success.

Written By: Phillip Thow


You might be ready to trick out your ride with Dodge truck parts, but dont know where to start. Well, most people begin with Mopar parts by switching out for Ram wheels and rims. This is the most common beginning but is certainly not limited to transforming the look of a truck with flashy wheels. There are so many other ways to fancy up a truck with Dodge parts. Lets take a look at some of the others as we discuss the benefits of having genuine Dodge Ram parts to bring your truck up to eye catching excellence.

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The real trick, once your look is correct, is to make your mean bad boy even more powerful with Dodge truck parts that put more power behind the wheel. Dodge Ram parts can be had that will change the way fuel is burned, and increase the horsepower by a bunch. A Dodge Ram supercharger or a Ram cold air intake manifold can make your already responsive vehicle into a competitor with what many call sports cars. Sports cars have no hope when they are up against the real deal with Mopar parts that can be installed in about 30 minutes.

All of this and more can be had just by acquiring Dodge truck parts from reputable dealers. And the best thing about it is that you dont have to worry about getting stuck with a lemon. Mopar parts come with a money back guarantee that will allow you to return parts that just dont pass the muster. The only thing you will be out is a little of your time and some of your energy. You just have to remember to make sure any deal you make for genuine Dodge Ram or Jeep parts is completed with a reputable dealer who only deals in the genuine product.

- Written By: Phil Thow

Motivation can Equal Small Business Success

Small business owners are usually very motivated people. When you are motivated you can start your own successful small business. Staying motivated can sometimes be a difficult task. How to you continue to stay motivated during tough economic times or just normal hardships that every business goes through?

Phillip Thow has suggestions on how to stay motivated.

Use a business coach

When you work with a business coach they can help you identify ways to stay motivated. Working with a professional that has experience in your industry can give you insight you wouldn't otherwise have. By implementing the use of a business coach you have someone you can bounce ideas and thoughts off of. To have someone that is just there for tips and words of wisdom can be a great self motivation booster. Sometimes you just need to hear positive thoughts from someone else.

Find your passion

Sometimes stepping away from your business to gain perspective is what you need. If you enjoy doing something relate that to your small business. When you are happy you are able to run your business more effectively. Finding what you are passionate about can help you stay motivated. When you are passionate about something it's easy to be excited about it and work hard to keep your business successful.

Write a mission statement

When you have a mission statement you can refer back to it can help you stay motivated. Review your mission statement often. You can also use your business coach to help write a mission statement if you don't have one. Phillip Thow suggests reviewing your mission statement with your business mentor to ensure it is motivating.

Set Smaller Goals

Instead of setting big far off goals, set smaller more obtainable goals. When you have goals you can reach quickly you will be more motivated to strive for the next. Break down a bigger goal into more manageable goals. When looking a long term goal you can get easily discouraged. Being able to meet smaller goals will help you stay motivated.

Increase your communication skills

A business coach can also help you work on communication skills if you are having a hard time getting your point across. When you communicate you can work with others to set goals. When you are working  Seattle towards a goal you are more likely to stay motivated in order to reach your goals. If you are unable to express your opinions or convey your concerns it will be difficult for someone to help you. When you are able to effectively communicate with others they can help give you motivational ideas. Phillip Thow recommends improving your communication skills.

When you follow the advice of Phillip Thow your small business has a greater chance of success. Implementing all these ideas can help your business flourish. Find a strong business coach to assist in your goals. When you are a good communicator you can be a more effective leader. Staying motivated may take work and dedication. Strive continually to be better than the day before.

Written By: Phillip Thow

What can you do to Achieve Small Business Success?

As a small business owner you want to do everything you can to assure the success of your company. If you have employees they are also counting on your business to succeed. What can you do to improve your chances of success? Philip Thow has several suggestions that can help your small business achieve success.

As a small business you have unique advantages over larger companies. You decide how you want things to be done in your company. If a customer needs you, you are able to respond quickly. A small business is not held back by corporate rules or policies. You can create your own rules and be flexible with them. Phillip Thow suggests keeping that in mind when starting your small business.

Uniqueness is important to set your business apart. When you have a unique brand or image you will attract more business by standing out. Stay on top of your game and pay attention to your competition. While it is important to stay up to date with what your competitors are doing, you don't want to seem like a copy-cat.

You rarely get a second chance to make a good first impression. It is important when you are starting a business to present with a high quality product. You want to look professional at all times, especially when you are meeting new clients and customers. If you have a store you want it looking neat and tidy at all times. If you are the only employee you want to present a professional polished image at all times. You never know when you will meet a potential client or customer. You need to treat everyone you meet as such.

If you listen to your customers you can supply a demand that your community. When you are fulfilling a demand you are more likely to have a successful company. Listen to your customers and provide a service that they ask for. Get feedback from your customers to improve your business.

As a small business you have several advantages over large companies. As a small business you are able to offer more personalized service to your customers. If a customer needs you, you are able to respond quickly. A small business is not held back by corporate rules or policies. You can create your own rules and be flexible with them. Phillip Thow suggests keeping that in mind when starting your small business.

Lastly, your business needs a good foundation. Phillip Thow recommends having a good plan in place to help lead your business down the path to success. When you have a clear idea of how you want your business operated it will aid you in decisions down the road. If you don't have a good plan your business could take a wrong turn and end up not being a success.

You can achieve success as a small business owner. With a good plan and strong conviction you can build the foundation to a successful business.

- Written By: Phil Thow

What are online marketing techniques you need to use?

When it comes to online marketing, a number of companies really don't know what they are doing. If you want to drive targeted traffic to your website and earn a higher page rank status, you need to engage in the right online marketing tactics. Here are a few marketing tactics you need to try out if you want to generate higher page rankings and drive in better customers.

Article Marketing

This is one of the best ways to not only bring in customers but to build your reputation. Article marketing consists of writing informative articles or posts that help to provide valuable information to your customers. When your customers read the articles and they feel a connection to your company, you will be able to earn their respect and you will have an easier time convincing your customers to support your business over your competitors. Article writing is also great as it allows you to include a back link to your website so you will be able to boost your page rank status through the number of links that are driving into your website.

The one thing you need to remember with article marketing is that a lot of companies are doing it right now and if you are writing useless information just to get a link, you will hurt your reputation. Some of the articles you want to focus on include product reviews, informative articles, opinion blogs, etc. As you assess your audience and learn more about them you will have an easier time writing articles that they will be intrigued to read.

Pay-Per Click

A great way to make money online is through pay-per-click marketing. Using the pay-per-click search engines, you will be able to target the right audience and get them to come back to your website. As they are on your website, you can earn money by convincing them to buy your products or services. Of course with pay-per-click marketing you need to watch out for how many keywords or search terms you are choosing to pay for. This can cause you to spend a lot of money on your marketing efforts and if you aren't getting people to come back to your website, you won't be earning anything from them. Watch out for the affiliate marketing programs offered by the search engines as they don't always provide you with credible leads and they can actually suck more money from your online marketing budget. Phil Thow Seattle, WA

- Written By: Phil Thow

Top Tips for Online Advertising

The internet can be a scary place. There are so many option, so many avenues down which one can get lost. It seems as if finding a starting point would be impossible. It's not. You'll be glad to know that the most effective things you can do to begin your online advertising campaign are simple, quick, and inexpensive. These are the same tips that the large companies use to stay large and there is no reason why you shouldn't add them to your professional arsenal as well.

First and foremost you will need a company website. Most companies have official sites because they understand that potential customers like to do research before committing to anything. If you don't have a website you will need to create one or hire a web developer to assist you in creating one. We cannot stress this enough. A good solid website is half the battle. Make sure your site is informative, easy to find and easy to navigate.

Now that you have a website you also have a web address. This web address can be used to link customers to your site from anywhere in the world. You will want to find some affiliate sites to team up with in order to have multiple channels where your link is displayed. You will need to display your affiliates links on your site as well. Actively seeking out web traffic through link visibility is crucial to your online marketing plan. The more views your site has the higher it will be ranked in the search engines. This means that you will get prime placement whenever keywords regarding your site are searched.

Another simple and often overlooked way to generate some online clientele is through promotional emails and newsletters. It will take ten to twenty minutes to create a quality email that should be brief but informative and interesting. Include your site link and you can send that email to thousands. Most people with email accounts check them at least once each day. This means that you have a chance to reach out to every email account holder almost every single day. Yes, some people won't even open the email but some will. Those potential clients are worth at least twenty minutes of your time. Follow these simple tips and we can be sure to see an increase in web traffic and in sales and all it will cost you is a little bit of time and effort.  Phil Thow Seattle, WA

- Written By: Phillip Thow

SEO Methods

Having an SEO method for your website will increase the flow of traffic on your website, thus increasing your profit within your business. Installing an SEO method into your website can be done thru a couple different options. You can research the material yourself and implement the SEO method you want to use or you can hire a company to install the SEO method for you.

Many business owners will hire a company to install their SEO method for them. Why do business owners pay the money and the cost to have someone else install the SEO method for them? Simple, the companies that install the SEO method know what they are doing. The employees they have hired have been trained and know what to do to help increase the traffic on your website. If you are teaching yourself how to do it, the process will take longer to complete and the traffic on your website will increase at a slower rate. Business owners are looking at the short and long term outcome. If I hire a company out, I will pay the cost up front and reap the benefits in a shorter time than if I did it myself and tried to save money.

An SEO method will help your website and business search engine result. When you have a consumer or an internet surfer looking for a website, they will go to the search engine, type in what they are looking for and will get a list of companies that offer that services. The better your SEO method is on your website, they higher up your company will be on the result list.

For example, your company has been on the internet for just over a year. Your website is getting traffic and now you want to increase the amount of traffic you have. Setting up and SEO method will help more consumers find you. And SEO uses keywords about your business within your website and will implement a crawler. As you type in your search word, the crawler will find that keyword within your title, thus increasing the traffic on your website.

SEO is tricky and it can literally take years for you to learn and understand. You may need to hire a SEO professional to come in and take care of your website and to make sure it is optimized properly. SEO is the best way to build your online credibility and visibility and strengthen you reputation.

- Written By: Phil Thow

Picking The Right Keywords For SEO

Proper SEO starts with picking the right keywords for your website. The keywords help the search engine crawlers to find your website in a timely manner. The biggest part of SEO is knowing what type of keywords your customers are actually using to find your website.

Google has a program known as Google AdWords which helps you to search through the website along with the websites of your competitors to find out what keywords people are using. With the Google AdWords program you can create a pay-per-click campaign to send out to the search engines and it will help to connect you with a new audience. Pay-per-click campaigns are great for getting your name out there but they can be quite expensive if you aren't sure what keywords to choose and whether or not you should commit to the affiliate program.

Keyword optimization for your website all starts with research. You need to spend time focusing on what keywords people are using along with analyzing the keywords to see if they are right for your company. You also want to research your competitors websites and understand if they are using the same keywords as you and use Google AdWords to see how important they are to your customers.

The one mistake you could make is taking the keywords that return a higher monthly search volume. Sometimes these keywords aren't the best ones there as you need to look for some that will provide you with a higher ranking. When you choose the keywords that have a higher ranking, you need to know that you will battle all of your competitors for the search from your customers. This is why it may do you good to pay for the other keywords and focus on putting the expensive keywords in the content of your website. If you do this, you will be able to generate the right type of traffic you need and it will be free as they aren't included in your pay-per-click campaign.

While Google AdWords is a great service to use for searching out the right keywords, there are other programs out there that you can use to find keywords. Try using Wordpot and DigitalPoint as they both have great keyword finder tools. Make sure you are using these keywords in the content of your website so you can earn a better page rank status and get the visibility you deserve.

- Written By: Phil Thow

Creating a Top Ranking Website

In the technology based professional industry of today it is essential to not only be a part of the electronic revolution but to be at the front of the pack. This doesn't mean that you need to have an engineering degree or be an apprentice to Bill Gates. It simply means that you need to be aware of the technologies at your fingertips and utilize them to gain the most advantage for your company.

Almost everyone with a computer has their own website. Individuals have MySpace and Facebook accounts. There are even blog sites where creating a personalized blog is easier than ever. In order to be taken seriously in the business world you must have a professional website and it must meet standards of quality and efficiency. If you are good with computers and understand HTML code and how to set up a really stellar site then by all means go ahead. However, if you are a little lost when it comes to cyberspace (and there is no shame in that, it's a vast place) you should hire a web developer to help you achieve a look, style and dignity that will make your website a proud extension of your company.

Once your website is created it is important for you to research the ways in which you can optimize your official sites ranking amongst search engines. When a potential customer punches in certain keywords to a search engine it is because they want information about that subject. In some cases the keyword might be the name of your company and then your site will pop up right away. More often than not, however, the individual will be looking for where to find a certain product or service and they will put those words into the search engine. There are lots of applications available online that can help you determine which keywords would be most beneficial in your SEO packs. Using the right keywords can drum up more web traffic than you can imagine.

Another way to get web traffic for your site is by affiliating with other sites. Once affiliated the other site will post a link for your web page and you will do the same for them. Then you will not only receive the influx of customers who are specifically searching you out but you have the potential to gain an entirely new set of consumers. As always, the best advertisement is a happy customer so make sure that your site is easy to navigate and upfront about prices, products, services and expectations.

- Written By: Phil Thow

Tips to Improve Your Company's Online Reputation

What is the first thing you do when you find yourself needing a product or service? Gone are the days when we wandered into a local department store to ask advice. Now we simply head to the online market where we are sure to find whatever information we seek. You can see reviews from previous customers and do comparative research in order to determine which company will give you the most for your money. In today's society it is much more likely that ten minutes of online research will help consumers form immediate and often permanent opinions of a company. This is why it is important to consider your online reputation.

What is an 'online reputation' you may ask. Don't worry, you are not alone. The business reputation management industry is still in its infancy having emerged seemingly over night in response to the need companies began to feel when they would use an online search engine to see what was being said about their company. Search engines generally work by searching for keywords and then showing you the most visited sites with those words in them. An official site is usually at the top of the list but the following sites can be anything from third-party retailers to personal blog that mention your business. As the internet is a completely open forum anything can be said about any company meaning potential customers might stumble onto a negative post and avoid your company afterward.

In order to determine your online reputation you will need to enter your company names into a search engine and peruse the results. This will give you an idea of how much assistant you will need. The easiest way to manage your online business reputation is to research the emerging companies that provide reputation management services and choose the one that seems like the right fit for your company. The payment for this service can easily be chalked up to additional marketing and public relations costs and your company can enjoy all the benefits of a reputation management team without having to go through the effort of fixing things on your own.

Most individuals go through their day without a lot of acquaintance with television or radio ads. There is TiVo, there are iPods, there are constant distractions. One of the only means of advertising left is through internet banners, sites and searches. In the future a majority of business may be conducted online and that makes a business reputation management team a much-needed asset.

- Written By: Phil Thow

Marketing The Different Forms

It can be a daunting task for a business owner to tackle the marketing campaign for the company. This is because they all are created to appeal to all business owners. According to business expert Phil Thow, it can be possible once you understand the different types. Understanding all the forms will make your decision easier as to which ones will work best for your company. You cannot just go with what everyone else is doing because it might not work for your company. In the traditional world of this, it has been broken down into four categories, which include product, pricing, placement and promotion.

All aspects of marketing are important to your companys campaign, Phil Thow says, but you may need to focus your attention on one or two aspects. According to Phil Thow, the way in which you market your products and your business should depend on your customers needs and wants. This all can include warranties and customer service. The pricing aspect of marketing, of course deals with how you price your product. People sometimes refer to placement as distribution, which means how it gets to the customer. This aspect of marketing has changed a bit in recent years because people now can get them online, as well as in the store.

Promotion is the aspect that most people focus their attention, and rightly so says Phil Thow. The promotion includes advertising and publicity. Companies can spend the majority of their time and energy on this aspect when they know they have a good product and great placement. The focus on how to get more attention geared toward their company and products. Every business should aim to work this way, according to Phil Thow. Because bankruptcy attorneys Chicago and companies know this is important, there actually are large teams of people who make up some companies marketing team.

All the different parts of marketing are necessary for a company to succeed. The best way to figure out which aspect your company should focus on is to decide in which stage your company is in as well as what your needs are. Traditionally, all the stages of marketing referred to traditional marketing, which includes television, radio and print. Now, with the expansion of the Internet, more companies are focusing their attention online, according to Phil Thow. This has exploded the marketing world because so many new ways of marketing have been invented using the Internet.

Have you looked into getting credit for business set up? Will you need to work on building corporate credit? Phillip Thow says that answering these questions before you dive in will help you implement steps and ideas to help everything run more smoothly, and hopefully, further improve the work environment. Not sure where to turn? Many companies provide services to establish corporate credit and are well worth the investment. Establishing corporate credit is vital to being able to purchase what is needed to run your business no matter what the size. Especially when the economy is in a downturn, it can be difficult to rely on cash to purchase computer or other equipment. Establish business credit to give your business peace of mind.

Lines of credit can be used for other expenses as well and fill in the gaps where cash isn't readily available. Corporate credit can come in the form of business credit loans and even a business credit card.

A lot of difficulty can be encountered when trying to get new credit approved if you have destroyed your credit. Some changes are inevitable in order to repair your credit. The use of a professional credit repair company can offer you a lot of help. The professional credit repair company can be able to fix your credit according to the stipulated law at a low cost. However, there are unscrupulous consulting companies that only aim at getting your money. The companies however, don't last for long since customers are able to share their bad experiences with other people.

A professional credit repair company can enable you make a plan and avoid credit traps. Good credit for repair companies are knowledgeable about the laws that assist the customers. The customer treatment laws are stipulated at different levels including the local, state and federal level. The good companies will inform you on ways to improve your credit score and processes which might harm it or even be illegal. By getting this information, you are able to avoid many problems and improve your credit.

Ethics and the law must be upheld by credit repair companies while reporting credit errors. They should contact the bureaus on your behalf and make a follow up on the gains made. Bureaus mostly cooperate with the good credit repair companies while trying to repair you credit.

You can also determine a payment plan with the help of the credit repair company. If you chose the debt consolidation loan, payments should be made to the company of lender. The debt consolidation loan provides manageable monthly payment. However, you are the one to complete the monthly payments. You can improve your credit balance by paying in time and maintaining a low balance. You can also acquire good borrowing habits from the credit repair company. Tracking your credit progress can be done at my fico.

Its true, today you can find anything online. Even new and used Jeep Parts and Dodge parts. There are many auto parts stores and there are even more auto parts sites. So how do you narrow down your search and not spend hours sifting through sites or stores that offer so many car parts you can't find the one you need? And what about finding parts for an older Dodge?

Even better would be to choose a site that has already found the best Dodge parts sites on the web, and gathered the information in one place. This would conveniently help you find the new or used part that you are looking for today, allow you to compare prices between sites, and even have the part delivered to your door!

Dodge has provided such a site! Once there, all you need to do is select your car model, and the year, and begin searching for the best place to buy your part from! You can even find Dodge car manuals online, that will give you instructions and the help you need to accurately replace the part yourself! You can trust Dodge sites to direct you to good-quality parts correct for your specific model.

What do you do when your computer breaks down? Do you throw a fit then dig out the phone book to call the nearest repair shop? What if you could get your computer fixed from the convenience of your home? No driving or dropping off your computer. Just a simple phone call to make and you can have your computer back up and running in no time.

With remote computer repair, all you have to do is make a phone call. As long as your computer can still make an internet connection, you can have your computer repaired from the comforts of your own home. From virus removal to more complex problems, having a remote computer repair company fix your computer is the best way to go. The best part is that you don't have to get dressed or leave your house. You can watch the whole process form your own home.

When you call a remote computer repair company, they will ask for your email address. You give them this and they send you an email. You have to open this email for the tech support to fix your computer. Once this email is opened, a link is created for the remote tech support to access your computer. They will come in, essentially take over your computer and fix the problem. You will still have control as well and you can watch every file the tech accesses. This way you know that your personal files are not looked into. It can also be a learning experience as well. Most remote repair companies have tutorials to follow along with what they are doing. You learn the steps they are taking to fix your computer! If you aren't satisfied with the work being done on your computer, you can simply hang up or disconnect your computer from the tech.

No problem is too big or too small for a remote repair company to handle. They will give every problem the time that is necessary to get it resolved. From removing viruses and spyware to more complex problems, they can handle them all. Of course if your computer is having a physical problem such as booting up, you will still have to take it to a repair shop. Remote computer repair can't fix these types of problems.

When it comes to getting your computer repaired to your standards and on your schedule, remote computer repair is the best option. You can call anytime because most companies have tech support on call 24/7. This means that no matter when your computer breaks down, you will get help. No more waiting for Monday if your computer breaks down on a Sunday. You can call the remote repair company as soon as you encounter the problem and have it fixed quickly. Most remote computer repair companies have a no fix, no fee policy as well. If they can't fix your problem or find one, you pay them nothing. This is great when you need diagnoses. If they find nothing, you pay nothing!

Having uniforms for a small business is a great way to promote your brand and look more professional. A great way to personalize uniforms is to use custom embroidery. Not only can you have your business logo or slogan embroidered on an item, you can add your employees' names.

Having custom embroidery done is a lot easier than you think. Keep in mind that the type of fabric you want to use will affect the type, style and size of appliqu you will want embroidered. If you want a large design, you'll want to choose a heavier fabric that can support all the stitches. A smaller design, like someone's name could be easily placed on a t-shirt.

Also, the size of the design will affect your price. Most shops will charge per stitch. Another option to consider is screen printing. Screen printing is good for large printing jobs. Embroidery is a good choice for customizing smaller orders.

Most companies can work with you to create a design for your business. If you have a logo already, they can help you choose fabric and colors that will work with that logo. You'll give your company a professional look with custom embroidery.

If you find yourself enmeshed in any legal concerns regarding your personal estate then you will need to find an experienced local Probate lawyer Philadelphia immediately. When it comes to addressing probate/estate concerns it is best that issues be dealt with as soon as possible. Probate law is one of the most complex legal arenas but all concerns are derived from matter regarding your personal estate. Your personal estate is considered to be the sum of all of your valuable holdings, such as your bank accounts, owned properties, shares or stocks in your name and any other significantly valuable assets that you legally own. This sum is then subtracted by the total of the debts ascribed to you name. The remaining value is what your estate is worth.

More than likely, if you are looking for a Philadelphia probate lawyer, you are interested in having a living will drafted. This is the subject that brings a majority of individuals in to a probate lawyer's office. A will is an extremely important legal document that is only binding when it is drafted, signed and recorded within the correct legal parameters of the state you reside in. This document will determine the way in which your estate is handled after you death. This includes dictating who is to care for any children that are left behind.  Phillip Thow Scottsdale Arizona

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle." Plato

- Written By: Phil Thow

The keys to becoming a successful manager

Have you been promoted to become a manager? Now you are in charge of several people instead of just worrying about yourself all the time. As a manager you need to display confidence, leadership, trust, respect, and many other qualities in order to succeed. Phillip Thow recommends that new managers take time to really get to know the people that are working for them before they just jump into the role and try to lead people. Here are some great things that will aid in helping you to become the best manage possible:

         Hold individual meetings. Phillip Thow recommends that you take the time to sit down with each one of your employees and to talk to them. You need to get to know what some of their goals are and to work with them to try and accomplish these goals. Your employees will respect you for taking the time to really sit down with them one on one and to listen to them.

         Have a plan. Employees need to have a roadmap to follow. While you may dream big for the company, it can become very hard for them to follow if you don't give them some steps to follow. Philip Thow says you should get the employees involved in the planning process as they will feel better about having their voices be heard in the goal setting process. This gives them a little more power and it does make them feel like their opinion really matters.

         Confidence. For employees to really respect a manager, they need to see that this person is confident in their abilities to run the company. Phillip Thow says managers need to take the time to really work on trusting themselves and their abilities to make decisions. When people see you are confident and that you own up to your mistakes when they do happen it will be much easier for your staff to trust you.

         Relax. Of course you want to lead the company and you want your employees to respect you but that doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humor. It is important to come into the office with a positive attitude even when things may be grim. Phillip Thow says it is important to crack a joke once and awhile as it can help everyone to relax and it can break the tension that your staff may be under when deadlines are looming.

- Written By: Phil Thow

A 5-Step Plan for Small Business Success

Of course you want your new business to be successful. You will need a straight-forward plan to accomplish this goal as quickly, and as painlessly as possible. Phillip Thow has great ideas to help you find the success you are hoping for. Here's what you need to do:

1.    Make a good first impression.

2.    Make the foundation of your business good ethics.

3.    Determine your specialty.

4.    Have your own flair.

5.    Think bigger than you are.

Your first impression is the most important. You want future customers to see you and the products or services you offer as professional and polished. Make sure that you are put-together in your appearance and that your business is too. Plan and prepare for every possible scenario. Phillip Thow says it would be wise to talk to a business mentor to learn exactly what you need to prepare for.

Now that you've made a solid first impression, strive to better your business and yourself every day after wards. Keep yourself motivated by following Phillip Thow's advice and keep your business the best it can be. Do what you can to offer excellent customer service, and your customers will keep coming back to you.

Phillip Thow recommends you find a single thing to specialize in and keep it your business focus. You're starting small, and you can't afford to keep everything in your inventory. Don't try to. Choose one thing you are really good at and passionate about, and let it be the business.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, make sure you have your own twist on things. Phillip Thow stresses that each small business owner should be original with your product and sales approach. Customers will remember whatever you do that is unique and spread the word, and that will increase your sales better than anything else you may do.

Finally, think bigger than your current state. The fact that you are a small business starting out doesn't necessarily mean you will always be a small business. Right now you have the advantage of being small enough to be personal. You are better able to serve your customer and able to listen to their needs. You are the owner and that means you set the rules. Take advantage of these opportunities to best serve your customers.

Stick to these steps, and watch your business begin to thrive and bring you true success.

No matter the size of the business, in today's online world, every business owner knows that he or she must have a strong online presence with their business to be truly successful. Many consumers today are doing most, and sometimes all of their shopping online while other consumers prefer to research a company or comparison-shop before choosing a company to do business with. This is why Phillip Thow believes it is critical for each business to have a functioning website.

Not only will your new website need to illustrate your business's products or services, Phillip Thow points out that you will need security features in place for customers to place orders through your site. You will need someone working with you to make sure your site stays current on important details such as quantity and price. Someone will need to be sure that when you receive high volumes of online traffic your site doesn't crash.

That is why it is critical for each business to have access to the help they need. Even if you, the business owner, are computer savvy, you may not have the time to devote to keeping your website current. Unless your field of business is directly connected to technology, you may not be aware of or skilled in the newest or best options available. This is why Phillip Thow suggests you hire a web-developer or other IT support service to help your business out.

Phillip Thow recommends outsourcing these needs to an experienced IT company, rather than hiring one or more individuals. This will save your business money because you won't need to maintain an IT department. Any IT solutions company is going to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. The IT team you contract with will be constantly training and have access to the newest software and information you will need with your business website. This also helps your business because you will only pay for services you require, rather than having an employee you only need sometimes.

If you take these suggestions from Phillip Thow you'll find your web traffic will increase, which will inevitably increase your sales. Your online reputation will grow right along with your business. The IT solutions company will help make it easier for your business to be involved in online marketing and then your business will be booming. Isn't that what it takes to be considered a successful business owner?

- Written By: Phil Thow

How Does Search Engine Optimization Affect Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known simply as SEO is not only beneficial to your online business, it is essential to making it thrive. You have most likely heard the term and many of you may even think you understand it. There are many different facets to what SEO can offer your company, how it can be utilized and what different benefits it can bring to you. Below are a few tips and some inside information on how to use SEO and what it can offer you and your online business.

Setting Up Your Website for SEO

After you have gotten your website up and running, the next thing you will need to do is prepare it for SEO. You should take the time to understand what SEO is and how it works before wasting your time with strategies and tactics that will not work, or worse that will get you kicked off the radar in the search engine world. Google is great about offering up all the information you need on how to set up your site for proper SEO. There are plenty of companies out there that will offer you fast results, massive traffic and high rankings within the search engine results, but be careful, not all are using ethical tactics and Google and the other search engines are using top notch technology to ensure that they have only the best of the best in their top results for searches. So, if your site is using unethical tactics, even if your company is straight forward and offers a service or product people want, Google will block you from showing up in their searches at all.

You have to set up the infrastructure of your website to fit in the SEO guidelines so that the search engines can find you, evaluate your content and get you in the rankings easier. Setting up a good infrastructure will also make it easier for visitors to search your site, find what they are looking for and navigate seamlessly through your pages, products, information or blogs.

Using Keywords

Keywords and phrases are a huge part of SEO when you are creating the content within your site. Think about it this way, when you go to Google or other major search engine and you want to find antique table clothes, how do you go about it? You enter the keyword tablecloths or phrases antique tablecloths or a variation of that and when you hit search you receive several pages of links offering what you are looking for. Now, think about thishow many times do you click the first or second link that comes up? Almost always? Now, how many times do you make it to the bottom of that first search result page or even to the next one? Almost never? This is how SEO works, you want your site to come up in the first few links and at very least on the first page for the keyword or keyword phrases you choose when people search through Google or the other search engines.

So, you should design your site to contain plenty of relevant content that is keyword rick offering several variations of the keyword or phrases that you want to be searched to find your site.

The search engines have what they call spiders that crawl through the content of your site and will analyze your keyword structure. You have to be careful to not overdo your usage of keyword as this is considered "stuffing" and the search engine frown upon it. They want to ensure that your content is high quality as well as relevant and that it offers something useful to your visitors. If you just cram as many keywords or keywords phrases as you can into an article and plaster it all over your page, chances are it will make little sense and be unreadable to visitors. The search engines offer highly advanced technology to ensure that your content is not stuffed with keywords but that it is useful and relevant to your site.

Find Your Niche

Having a niche is a much easier way to market your site and to get it prepared properly for SEO. So, consider this, if you are selling car and truck partsfind a niche within that industry. Maybe you are an authorized Ford dealer, so use Ford parts as your niche and let the others follow suit. You should stick with one topic and focus on one point at a time. You can expand and create more pages that offer the other parts in time, but for starters, stick with one niche and get it going first. It is much easier for the search engines as well as your visitors to focus on you if you have the right focus on your site. So, once you get the niche determined begin the keyword optimization and see what works, you may have to research a few different strategies depending on your industry or market to find out what strategies work best for your products and service. By having a niche and focusing on one element of your site at a time you are able to easily determine what is working and what is not. Once you have it down and feel that the traffic is good, profits are increasing and that you are where you want to be within the search engines, then go for the gusto and start another portion of your site with another niche.

However you decide to market your website, SEO is going to be a huge part of whether you succeed or not. You have to be seen, and the search engines are the eyes online.

- Written By: Phil Thow

10 Important Things Your Web Stats Offer

With a solid understanding of your web stats you can help determine if your website is successful or not and also find the flaws within your SEO campaign to help improve upon it and draw more traffic to your site. If you have an SEO company working for you, they will know what these stats mean to your sites success, but you should too. Below are 10 important things that your web stats will show you to help build a better site.

Unique Visits: This tells you how many new visitors you are gaining. Each visitor is counted only once, no matter if they browse through several pages or come back to your site more than once.

Visitor Location: This is a very important aspect to your SEO campaign. This tells you where your visitor is located, so if you are targeting an audience within a certain group you are able to see if your geographical campaigns are working.

Referrals: This tells you how the visitor found your site, it will list what other sites are linked to yours.

Search Phrases: This tells you which search phrases or keywords are generating traffic and which ones need to be improved or changed.

Pages: This displays which of your website pages is receiving the majority of traffic. This allows you to tweak the other pages that generate less traffic and improve the quality of your entire site.

Time of Day: This tells you when visitors are coming to your page, if you want to schedule something like a live event or a live chat you can pin point the time when traffic is at its peak.

Entry/Exit Pages: This will show you what page the visitor came onto initially when visiting your site and which one they left on. You can tweak a page if you find that the exit page is always the same.

Day of the Week: Just like time of the day, this feature gives you the day of the week that visitors arrived on your site.

Length of Stay: This displays how long a visitor has stayed on your page. You can determine your pages value by how long a visitor is there. If they enter and then leave abruptly you will need to tweak the page they entered on and improve the content to entice them to stay and browse longer. The more time a user spends on your site the more of a chance you have to turn them into a customer.

Error Reports: These reports display any issues that users had during their visit to your site.

- Written By: Phil Thow

4 Essentials of SEO

The world of SEO is a competitive one, with everyone fighting for the top spots in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing it can be tough deciding on the right strategy for your SEO marketing campaign. Not everyone can be in the top search results, so you have to be strong and have a professional and experienced SEO agency working for you. There are four essentials that you should familiarize yourself with in order to create the best SEO campaign and get the best positioning within the search engines results.

Be Proactive: When it comes to SEO, you have to understand that what you do today may not show the results right away, it takes time. There is no instant gratification with any SEO campaign. Everything you do generates results down the road, so you have to continue to create good SEO strategies on a constant level to continue to get the results you want generating throughout the future. Good SEO requires planning ahead and creating schedules to get your results on a timeline that reflects the goals you are trying to reach. Proactive planning would be for example, Christmas planning for Holiday shopping in July, this is to ensure that your results fall into place when you need them to.

Be Aggressive: The key is to maintain stamina; you cannot expect that your first attempt will work, so take several shots and use several different methods in order to get the results you need. Do not let the fact that your campaigns do not all work stop you from trying again. Be aggressive in your approach and do not give up, persistence is the key to success in the game of SEO.

Perseverance: The search engines may not be interested in your tactics and your strategies may not work to get the results you need, but you have to keep trying. Do not get disappointed and give up on your goals, you have to continue to try new approaches and strategies until you find the right methods that work for your company and the search engines you are campaigning to.

Patience: With the above tactics you have to be patient and wait out your results. As it was stated above, there is no instant gratification with SEO campaigns, they take planning and most of all waiting, so stay patient.

- Written By: Phil Thow

You Don't Have To Use WordPress

WordPress seems to be the most popular choice for Seattle website owners who want to run a blog on their site. There are many benefits to having a blog, such as having a good report with visitors, a healthy way of communication between website owner and visitor and it will also create not only trust while building a strong relationship between website owner and visitor, it will help with creating a better ranking within the search engines.

WordPress is an easy to use program that offers no hassle for setting it up and the user needs no prior knowledge of HTMP or programming. There are several templates already created to choose from and whether you have a Seattle sporting goods shop or a Texas hat shop you will find a template to fit your style and your theme of your website.

One of the main issues with using WordPress for your Seattle sporting goods website is security. Many people have began to shy away from the WordPress open source program due to its lack of security. You want your Seattle sporting goods shop to remain safe, so what else can you use that will be just as easy to set up and offer the security you need?

There are CMS (Content Management System) blog sites that will be just as simple to set up and help get your website out and noticed, just like WordPress. You can use Jekyll that is an OctoPress based program that is very similar to WordPress. It offers the same easy to use system and creates a more stable and secure environment for your Seattle sporting goods website. You can import your existing WorPress into the Jekyll system without any stress.

Another great program to try is Textpattern it has the same feel and look as WordPress does and offers many of the same features. MovableType is a CMS that was actually created before WordPress was and can be much more secure. If you want to really get back to your roots, then use the good old faithful notepad, although you will require programming skills to set the Seattle sporting goods blog site up with this method.

- Written By: Phil Thow

Why SEO and PPC Go Hand in Hand

SEO and PPC may not be something that many Seattle website owners consider together. PPC (pay per click) advertising offers different strategies than your other SEO techniques, or does it? The truth is they actually work hand in hand. When you employ PPC advertising you will notice an effective and proactive action for your SEO campaign. Below are some examples of how PPC and SEO work well together.

Keyword Testing with PPC: Your PPC advertising can help you to test and effectively arrange your keywords to ensure they are getting the results you need. You can create a well developed keyword strategy using your PPC advertising as a guideline for feedback. So you know if Seattle sports works best or sporting good in Seattle is the better search term.

Social Network Visibility: When using PPC advertising campaigns on social networks like LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook you are able to gain an insight into your targeted audience and align your SEO campaigns accordingly by the results you uncover.

Deal with Negative Press: PPC and SEO campaigns are a great way to battle negative press. You have to expect that the more visibility your Seattle sporting good website gets there will be a chance that someone somewhere will say something bad.

Site Searches for Selecting PPC Keywords: Incorporating site search into your website allows you to pull data displaying what exactly people are looking for when they search for sites like your Seattle sporting goods website. This is a great way to help determine your keyword or search term arrangement to get the best results.

AdWords and E-Commerce: By combing AdWords results and E-Commerce feeds you can link a specific product page to a PPC ad. This means that when a user clicks your PPC ad they will be directly taken to the page where they can make the purchase.

Use Your Best PPC ad As Your Base For Your Organic Search Campaign: You can use the PPC ad that is doing the best to be the basis for how you should handle your Seattle SEO organic search strategy. You can quickly find out the best way to create Meta tags, titles, headings and page content based on these findings.

- Written By: Phil Thow, Seattle, Washington.

Is Your Target Audience Using Social Networks?

Chances are no matter whom your targeted audience is they are using social networks as part of their daily life. With more than 750 million active users that participate in social media networks it is safe to say that yes your targeted audience is included in there as well. If your Seattle website is not using social network platforms for a way of marketing your business you better start.

Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are becoming more and more popular and with so many businesses now beginning to target these groups for advertisement purposes they continue to grow. More and more adults are using Facebook and you can find everyone from teenagers to grandparents using the networks for communication, entertainment and to shop.

The social networks have no discrimination when it comes to age group, gender, ethnic background, education level, career paths or income, everyone is using them and Seattle businesses are seeing real results by using them too.

Studies have shown that Facebook uses algorithms to determine how a newsfeed is displayed for each user; this can be a great benefit to your Seattle website if you take the time to learn how it works. Twitter offers a quick and easy way to connect with potential customers and YouTube is a great place for link sharing. Listing on LinkedIn will get you attention to help market your business and connect with other like minded businesses for back links. No matter what method of social networking you use, your Seattle website will see real results.

So, get your Seattle website included in these social networks and start utilizing the many tools that are offered. This cost effective way of advertising is the wave of the future and will help get your Seattle business the attention it needs and deserves.

- Written By: Phil Thow, Seattle, Washington.

Go Virtual and Join the Rest of the World

There are billions of websites out there, so what difference does it make if you have one for your small business? The world has gone virtual; the proof is in the numerous websites. If you want the most exposure possible for your business, as well as to gain more customers and more money, you need a website!

Creating a website for your small business need not be difficult. There are various companies that will help you get started, as well as provide hosting (hosting is what makes your site visible to the world,) design, SEO and more. There are companies in Scottsdale Arizona all the way to Seattle Washington who can provide you these services, all at variable costs, some even free. You can choose any of them that suit your needs, and your budget, and within a few short days have your site up and running.

Phillip Thow is one who understands how important it is to have a website for your small business. He is one who is dedicated to making the most out of any small business and has the tools that you need for success. He is available for those in Seattle Washington, Scottsdale Arizona and across the world (special thanks to the World Wide Web for this.)

When you have a website that Phil Thow has helped you to create you can rest easy night knowing that you are doing what you must to make it in the world of businesses. Your professional search engine optimized website will work to grow your business, even when you are not.

Whether you are a plumbing company or a brick and mortar store, be sure that you have your own website. With apps for mobile devices, listings in the local directories and social media pages, your website will help people find your business and be a constant in generating leads.

- Written By: Phil Thow, Seattle, Washington.

The Secrets of Small Business Success

Are you in the Seattle Washington area and looking to start your own business? Phillip Thow can help. Starting a small business is definitely a very exciting event taking place in your life. There are certainly many exciting days ahead as a small business owner, and with the help that you are provided you will find your small business a true success.

Pick your Favorite Opportunity to Own a Business

There are plenty of exciting businesses that could help fill your pockets with cash. Men and women of all ages can easily find something that meets all of their needs, no matter what their interests may be. Opportunities exist that offer no start-up costs, as well as those that require various amounts of cash to begin. There are opportunities ranging from sales to marketing to carpet cleaning and childcare and hundreds of others in between. With the assistance of Phil Thow your Seattle Washington small business will be up and running in no time no matter what it is you are looking for or the amount of money that you have to begin! You'll learn all of the secrets that it takes to call yourself business owner while bringing in a steady stream of income double what you can earn working that 9 to 5. In addition you'll receive ongoing support to ensure that your business is one that is loved for many years to come with plenty of success backed behind it.

Seattle or Scottsdale, There's a Business For You

Anyone, whether in Seattle Washington or down in Scottsdale Arizona, can become a small business owner with all of the useful information that is provided. There are plenty of Arizona small business owners, and if this is where you call home, you could very well be the next one on that list.

Unless you Know it All, Trust the Small Business Expert

No One can have all of the facts. That is why it is so important to socialize. If you are a small business owner or are considering making the move, ensure that you take the right steps to produce a business that the world over loves, from Seattle Washington to Scottsdale Arizona and all in between.

Combine your Ideas and Win

Phillip Thow is an expert when it comes to owning a small business. He can help you learn so many things that will do more for you than you could ever imagine. Combine your ideas together and you cannot go wrong! Together with an expert you will be able to grow your business, even on a limited budget.

Whether it is ideas for marketing your business, prices to set for your items, how to smoothly run things, or even how to maximize your profits, Phil Thow is the expert who can provide you all of the best tips and ideas. Who knows exactly what kind of amazing information you could gain? There is only one way to find out and that it to get the ball rolling right away!

Small Businesses are Booming Across the U.S.

Seattle Washington has thousands of businesses, so does Scottsdale Arizona and every other city in the U.S. Wouldn't it be awesome to be included on that list? These businesses range from every idea under the moon, so you are certain to find that perfect idea for your own business.

Work Together and Win
Together you can win with your business venture! Don't take the risk of missing out on the things that could change your business life. There are plenty of things that you can learn together and go from ordinary to extraordinary. It is a win-win opportunity for everyone involved

- Written By: Phil Thow, Seattle, Washington.

Why You Should Partner Up For More Profits

It can take months, even years to get your Scottsdale Arizona business into the top rankings of the search engines. You can end up spending valuable time and resources on trying to gain profits that you do not have to spare while waiting. Think about partnering up your Scottsdale Arizona business with other like minded businesses that are already established to begin earning more profits while you build your business reputation.

Look for other Scottsdale Arizona businesses that offer products or services that are related to yours. You want to stay away from your competing Scottsdale Arizona businesses and look for ones that your products or services will complement each other.

If you can partner up with a Scottsdale Arizona business that already has established their business online and within the search engine rankings you will be able to begin gaining profits while you try to do the same. Most small businesses cannot afford the long wait time that it requires before beginning to earn profits after they start their campaigns, so partnership with an established Scottsdale Arizona company is the way to go. You can find other companies on social media networks, through affiliate marketing websites as well as through B2B linking systems. You can browse online for information on the various methods of partnering up and learn which ways would best benefit your business. Keep in mind that you still need to build your own website and create your marketing campaign, this will just earn you some profits while you do so.

- Written By: Phil Thow, Seattle, Washington.

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